Novice Guild requests New Members.

Phil Hughes

We are a Novice Guild which is looking for new members from either the Bronze Age or Iron Age.

Our primary focus is a free trade cartel of mutual benefit to our members and the Guild which will allow our members to enjoy playing and to progress throughout the ages.

We currently consist of mainly inexperienced but regular players who are looking for similar players to join us.

We would welcome any new members with open arms as long as they subscribe to the same principles.

If you wish to apply, please PM me - Phil Hughes - with a summary of your level of experience (i.e. which is the furthest Age you have played or are playing in).


Romang III

I would like to invite you all to join Chillaxed II. We have a wide range of ages but our main purpose is support of one another by trades, motivating and polishing, contributing to one another's GB's, and help for newer members. No entry in GVG wars so far. I will send you a friend invite in case you are interested for further discussion. We have joined with a couple of smaller guilds already.