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Notre Dame


Saw it when I was 'over there'.
Very awe inspiring.
A tribute to civilization, if you will.
(and we have so few).


I know that we are all with the people of France tonight. Notre Dame and the history it keeps is going up in smoke. Very sad day.
I am not. A building burned down and there were no casualties, so that is a big plus. Did not see you this involved when a moron killed 50 people in Christchurch.


I think it is at least cultural damage but I agree also with agent luckily there were no casualties involved which is a huge plus these days of terroristic attacks and whatnot.
In high hopes we do not have to involve any evaluation as for the benefits the InGame Notre Dame goes: that gives me somehow an unsound feeling.
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This is a forum for discussing the game. This entire thread has absolutely nothing to do with the game.


lol i don't have it but i'm full of compassion for the french who lost a national treasure and thaught INNO could do a jesture of compasion and upgade the bonus it gives out to players who do have it
I don't see how that'd be a gesture of compassion for what happened.


To be very brutally frank.
How on earth is it possible people like to benefit InGame from this horrible event..
Sometimes I am just flabbergasted and IDK.
Balancing Notre Dame InGame due to this cultural disaster,.. is just.. so much too much !
This suggested in the middle of the untamed fire OMG!

Can this thread please be stopped @moderators ?


I left the thread in the General Community Discussion as Notre Dam is a tragic event, so some people may have wanted to put some nice word in the thread, the building is also one of Forge of Empires Great Buildings, but I have now moved the thread to the soap-box square area as I see it starting to effect a few players, I do apologise on my behalf but, if you have so kind words to say on this tragic event and not to boost your own gameplay please comment on this thread as this what is it intended for.

Thank you