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Second Lieutenant
Welcome, in this guide I shall try to answer as many of the questions that a beginner will have. It will expand as I see more questions, and hopefully all answers will be as clear as possible.

Let's go.

What are FPs?
FPs are Forge Points.
You get 1 FP every hour, up to a maximum of 10 in the bar at the top centre of the screen.

How do I get Coins?
You get coins from residential buildings. Hut give coins every 5 minutes, Stilt houses every 15 minutes
Click them when the crate appears to collect the money and reset the cycle

How do I get Supplies (the little hammer things)
Sinilar to coins, but a little more involved
You need to set productions when a building looks like this

Choose a production length

Collect the prodction when it's ready and then you need to start from step 1 again

How do I research?
Click to open the Research Tree

Every research unlocks one or more building. Here is the key to what the icons mean.

Hovering over the building icon gives info about the building.

Clicking the Orange Light Bulb will allow you to research that technology.

You research by adding Forge Points (FPs)

How do I get an army? How do I get more soldiers?
First you need to make sure to research the unit you want. See 'How to research'.

If you have researched already, the building will be in your build tool

There are tabs for each type of buildings. Click the military tab.

Hovering over a building in the build tool shows it's info. If you have enough to buy it, click it to place.

Place it connected to a road, green means you can place, red means something is in the way.

Once it is built, it will look like this..

Click to open the recruitment menu.

1. Click to recruit a unit to this slot.
2. Click to unlock this slot
3. This is the diamond slot, best not click it just now.

Once the unit is ready, you can collect it and recruit more to fill the slots.

How do i Move a building?
Click to open the Build Menu

Click the Move icon that appears at the top center of the screen

Click the building you want to move

Click where you want to move the building to

How do I Sell a building?
Click to open the Build Menu

Click the Sell icon that appears at the top center of the screen

Click the building you want to sell

Click the confirmation box that appears (Note it hsows what you will gain/lose)


Second Lieutenant
How do i add a friend? (that is already playing)
Click invite at the bottom of the screen

Click onto the 'Friends List' tab

1. Type or paste in their name. 2. Click the orange buton

How do I Polish/Motivate?
First, lets get acquainted with the 'Social Bar'
1. This tab will show Neighbours. 2 This tab for Guild mates (If in a guild). 3. This tab for Friends
4. This is the player profile 5. Hover on portrait to see profile, click to visit town. 6. Click to attack this player(Neighbours only)
In this case, we want to hover over 5 to read the profile, then click to visit

Once there, you can click either motivate(1) or polish(2) from the actions menu.

After that, you can click to perform the action on a building with a star floating above it.

Motivation gives the player double the amount of coins or supplies from their current production.
Polishing doubles the happiness output of a building for 12 hours.
You will get 20 coins for your support and possibly the player returning the favour.
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Hey Barti, I remember there was a guide roughly two years ago that included practically everything the game had to offer.. I think a better idea would be to make a Noob Guide to Updated/Advanced features, just anything that's not in Random's guide. I am not teasing or anything, just pointing out. If you need the extra reservation I can delete this post.