Newish Player looking for a Guild


I have been playing for few days and have been trying to find a Guild that suits my play style. Most of the Guildmasters have not put anything in their Guild Description which makes choosing a Guild difficult. So, I thought I would try and see if any Guild Recruiters would like to invite me to join.

I started to play because I wanted to explore the trade possibilities. I do not have much inclination for the combat in the game, so I would prefer not to join a Guild that has GvG as an activity. I will willingly take part in GE as long as I have the goods to negotiate my way around and there is no pressure to go further than I feel I can handle. To this end I would need a Guild that has active players who are willing to trade. So that I can swap the goods that I produce for the goods they produce.

I play daily; logging on several times during the day for short periods. I aid all my neighbours, Guild Members and friends and visit my friend's Taverns at every opportunity. I will accept friend invites from any Guild Member.

If you think that your Guild and I would be compatible, then please send me an Invite.
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Richard of shaw

I am with Halls of Valhalla. ItsI an easy going Guild with no pressure to do GE or anything. You can put up any trades you want and orthr players are helpful. We are lv 33 so 3 fp from the town hall daily, soonto be 4. Shoot me a friend request. I aid daily and have lots of trades up