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Do Not Suggest: New upper level for GbG - Tungsten

A New upper level for GbG, is this something that would interest you

  • yes

  • no

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The Lady Ann

Master Corporal
Another level of GbG the Guild League points range would be raised so Tungsten would start at 1500 this would hopefully move all the ‘top’ guilds up together

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else?

Yes, nothing similar appears to have been suggested

Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? No

Reason: - the ‘top’ guilds are not matched together very often which can lead to long and boring seasons in a feature which should be fast paced and dynamic,

it could be fast paced and dynamic if the matchmaking/guild points system had kept pace with the way guilds have developed strategies for this feature.
At the moment all guilds have to do to gain Diamond status is gain points every season, so more and more guilds are arriving in Diamond only to bounce straight back down, I feel this is demoralizing to them


A new higher level of Guild Battle grounds - for guilds with points over 1500
advances required to conquer a sector 220

Platinum would now cover guilds with points from 651 - 1000
Diamond league would now cover guilds with points from 1001 - 1499
Tungsten 1500+
With a view to an additional league being added in the future Cobalt for 2000+

Visual Aids: colour change for the battleground league icon and GbG entry building bigger

Balance: stops some guilds from becoming demoralized due to feeling they are going nowhere fast when they are consistently facing one of the top 6 guilds

Abuse Prevention: can not be abused due to the fact this would be an additional higher league in order to prevent the ‘abuse’ of lower level guilds by the ‘top’ guilds

Also the GB can not be abused by restricting the availability of the blueprints

Summary: Guild Battle fields would benefit from a shake up among the ‘top’ guilds matching them more often with each other

My reward system would look like this, every fight or negotiation has a chance to reward

FP’s - 12
Goods - total 80 - 40 for player + 40 guild goods
Units - 8
Large attack bonus
Diamonds - 30

The final rewards would include Guild Prestige not Guild Power
And BP’s for a new Guild Goods & Guild Prestige Great Building

1st place 60 guild points, 6000 guild prestige & 6 BP’s
2nd place 40 guild points, 5000 guild prestige & 5 BP’s
3rd place 20 guild points, 4000 guild prestige & 4 BP’s
4th place 10 guild points, 3000 guild prestige & 3 BP’s
5th place - 20 guild points, 2000 guild prestige & 2 BP’s
6th place -100 guild points, 1000 guild prestige & 1 BP’s

Bottom guild will also be demoted for 1 season regardless of points

this along with the points discrepancy is to give a team in last place a real incentive to push, not just to sit on their hands thinking ‘oh well next time’ as this league is about fighting for your place as it gives extra rewards available from nowhere else

I would give prestige for this league not guild power due to the fact GvG is not available on mobile which puts guilds with mainly mobile players at a disadvantage

Great building size would be on par with the Observatory so 3x3
level 1 would start at - goods 3 prestige 10 and would follow the trajectory of the Observatory

Great building rewards for building participation would give a greater emphasis on forge point’s and would never give more than 1 blueprint per reward so as to keep it rare, BP’s can not be found from aiding other players

With this adjustment I would also raise SoH to level 10

Level 9 would give 90 guild goods
Level 10 would give 120 guild goods and 8 fp’s

New Great Building all age

BP’s only available from GbG and a single bp when helping to level this building regardless of its level