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Do Not Suggest: New Special Unit: Commander

Should this unit be added in the game?

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Proposal: Including Commander as a special unit in Forge of Empires.

This is a new idea which was not suggested before.

Reason: Throughout history, military commanders played a great role in military success in military campaigns. From the iron age to present age (and beyond), many field officers or NCOs have led their men to victory. As Forge of Empires moves through Human history and achievements and also changes in military combat and strategies, introduction of this unit should be done as they brought great success in many world campaigns against great odds and shall be a great addition to the strategy of the game. Besides many players for getting military boosts make their city a wonderland or either too much mythical where this game was created for the purpose of building and ideal and prosperous city. Furthermore, military boosts are being achieved from many building which don't have any connection with military for which it becomes a bit mythical and Military advantages should be utilized in the battlefield since anything can happen on the field with any initiative. Again, a commander will have a strategical influence on players since a commander can be used both on offense and defense and if he dies the military boost will be lost.

Details: This unit will be a support unit which will provide attack or defense boost for the attacking or defending armies of the player. Unlike Military Drummers and Color Guards, this unit shall be half a combat unit and half a support unit. Players can either choose to lead a frontal assault with this unit or either keep it at the back of the battlefield to utilize its boost. Military Commander will be a light unit which can upgraded to current age like the champions' retreat and shall be named Military Academy or Officers' Quarters. With each upgrade, the stats along with the boost shall increase with consideration of the balance of the game. The Boost can be either "Rally" or a new attribute like "Leadership". For the balance of the game, this unit will have no combat bonus against other units (Like Drummers and Color Guard) and shall have the same stats like the light unit of its corresponding age (Excluding Bazooka team and Commandos) or a bit lower so that it doesn't become over powered. A description is given below for the look or visual for this unit:-

Iron age- Centurion

Early middle ages- Agha (Janissary leader) or a commander with a sword

High middle ages- A decorated knight on foot

Late middle ages- A king like man but ready for battle

Colonial age- An explorer with a sword

Industrial age- A commodore of the royal navy with a flintlock and sword

Progressive era- A field officer with a cross belt and service cap holding a pistol

Modern era- A radioman wearing same uniform as the crew of mechanized artillery or bazooka team with a rifle

Post modern era- An infantry officer with a M16 and a green or red beret wearing similar uniform as MG team.

Contemporary era- An infantry officer having everything similar to Strike team but he shall be singular.

Tomorrow era to Space Venus- Same as the light unit of those eras but with a slight modification (Especially for Ultra AP)
(The stats for the ages can be designed by the developers or with consultation from veteran players.)

Balance: To prevent abuse of this unit, it shall have no military bonuses against other units and will have stats a bit lower than the light units of its corresponding age. For further balancing, the boost of this unit can be lost with the death of this unit. The boost shall be adjusted in accordance and consideration of its age. The barracks for this unit shall be rare like Champion's Retreat or Rogue Hideout and shall have two slots among which one shall be free and other has to opened through diamonds.

Abuse prevention: For preventing abuse of this unit, it shall be much more rarer than Champion's Retreat and as mentioned earlier, should be focused mainly on creating a half offensive and half support unit. Furthermore, beside having no combat bonus against other units, it shall have a lower stat than its other light unit of the corresponding age which will make the player to decide for either using it offensively or defensively for achieving his victory.

Summary: Addition of a special unit which shall give a strategical influence in the game and shall make the game much more challenging and engaging.
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