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Unformatted: New Special Unit: Commander

FoE should make a commander special unit who has chivalry, morale and rally and who can be upgraded like champion. He will be an infantry until TE and will act as a NCO or Field Officer. All other strategy games have commanders so we should have one too. I know it will be OP but they can make it have moderate stats like light units and will be rare to get like rogue hideout. The point is that the player can use it in both frontline combat as an infantry or keep it at the back for having bonuses. For example:-
Bronze age-( A slinger with a sword or spear)
Iron age- Centurion
Early middle ages- Agha (Turkish janissary leader) or a commander with a sword
High middle ages- A decorated knight on foot
Late middle ages- A king like man but ready for battle
Colonial age- An explorer with a sword
Industrial age- A commodore of the royal navy with a flintlock and sword
Progressive era- A field officer with a cross belt and service cap holding a pistol
Modern era- A radioman wearing same uniform as the crew of mechanized artillery or bazooka team with a rifle
Post modern era- An infantry officer with a M16 and a green or red beret wearing similar uniform as MG team.
Contemporary era- An infantry officer having everything similar to Strike team but he shall be singular.
Tomorrow era to Space Venus- Officer stationed in vehicle since weapons have upgraded so much that he can no longer be on field alive.
This special unit should stay as a light and human unit upto Tomorrow era since he can direct commands (Morale skill) and inspire troops (Rally skill) and also be brave (Chivalry skill) and have same value and bonuses as light units (Excluding Bazooka team and Commando). He can be a heavy unit from Tomorrow era since Modern warfare ain't safe. I hope Inno would be kind enough to impliment it in the game. And it training shall be called Military Academy and shall be rare like the Rogue and Rogue hideout. His name shall be Commander. Since all civilization games have commander (Like Dominations) even Turn based strategy games (Easytech strategy games), FiE should also have its own military leader. And if anybody has objection that Champions are commander, then they are not as their name means a brave warrior who fights for a special cause not commanding troops. I hope we will find this feature in FoE soon.

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
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