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Greeting all,

We've got so many things, kits, buildings to advance ourselves forward and faster.
What about backward ?

We all have done a few upgrades and later thought "Oh, shouldnt have done that".
Enter the new and rare 'Regression Kit' - allow owner to regress a non-gb building into an age earlier.
Useful for Terrace Farm and so on.
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If this idea already suggested before, where is the thread/post ? (I searched 'reverse', 'regress', 'backward' - none found)

Test Ament

funny you can find it in already suggested subforum

the 5th and 6th in the list

I'm afraid the idea for a One Down Kit had already been suggested twice maybe more, here is the link to the ideas that have already been suggested.

(New Game Feature) Retrograde Kit
This one was created on the 9th of May 2016 and is already in the Forward section

One Down Kit or Choose a lower age kit
This one was created on the 18th of February 2018 and is in the Already suggested section.

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Thank you
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