New guild - Our Hook and Pick - Наша Кука и Мотика


Hello Society,
Introducing the new guild called "Our Hook and Pick 'but in Serbian. This is a cheerful company who wanted me to help them get infected and 200 diamonds and is continuing to play and of course after that we came to the conclusion, why do not we create a guild? And so we did and now we hang out a goal and assist each other. :cool:

Guild Name: Our Hook and Pick or on Serbian - Наша Кука и Мотика

Leader(s) of Guild: Mythirugan

Requirements to Join: Don't have it.

Resources we have to trade: All. :)

Why we rock: I've write it on top of this topic.

How many in our guild: 4 for now.

Max player cap in guild: Again, we don't have it. :)
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