New Guild open for new members


Hey all you new players in Arvahall...

"TradesForFree" has now become a part of "CHILLAXED II". See further below, if you want to join.

Best regards
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Best of luck with your new guild, the thread looks very professional and nice :)

Romang III

If you are interested in the above, Tradesforfree has merged into Chillaxed II. We have a wide range of ages and welcome all active players. We are not in the GVG battles, though that may be possible in the future. Right now we support each other with trades of goods, motivating and polishing every day or so, advice for newer players, and help with FP's for each other's GB's. We have a guild tradition that no member who started a GB failed to reach first level the same day. After that it depends, but the first level is the most important--it gets the GB working!
Write me for an invitation. We have a lot of room for more members--only at 30 so far.