New Guild Needing Members Sun Kings

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    Mar 10, 2013
    Welcome to the Sun Kings guild

    We Aid (polish/motivate) each other

    We support and help each other

    We are active players

    We trade fair

    Participation in Guild Expedition and GVG

    Unlimited FP swaps

    in return you get

    1 daily forge point in your town hall.

    Help and advice as you need it.

    Help in getting blue prints for Gb

    Goods to build Gb

    and Fps to level 3

    We’re looking for young players maybe looking for their first GB you will get it here fastest. Where we can help with Blue Prints and goods for the build

    More experienced players welcome too who are willing to help young players to get started on GE and GVG. All positions on guild open for those willing to organise and run things.

    Message me for your signing on rewards
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