New Guild: Forge of Traders

King Dael

Hi there weg1...

Writing here is a good start... when Alwinal reads it (hopefully soon), you should be getting an invitation.
I'm looking for an active and friendly guild.

I've been playing for 2 weeks, I've got 4.9k points, global rank 4675, and just entered the Early Middle Age. I produce Ebony, Limestone, Dye, and Stone. I'm an active player, I play every day. My current area is highly inactive. I think being in a guild would make the game much more fun for me :)

In-game name is RhoninGreymane. Thank you.


I am interested in joining and quite active in the game 4-5 hours game name is baloch57 please send me an invite


I am also looking for an active, trading guild. I'm playing without army for the challenge on this world and trading is frustrating right now. I am nearly High Middle Ages, producing wine, cloth, ebony, and gold. I should be producing alabaster soon, as well. I have about 7600 points, and play daily.


Hi is your guild still recruiting members?
I'm Joyce and I would love to be in a friendly guild with people I can trade with.
I have stone, marble, limestone, iron, gold and soon also alabaster to trade.
My username is T.H.B.Gecko and I play every day.