New around


Hey all. im new around here and on the game, but was wondering 3 things.
is there no way you can speak to eachother in game exept emails?
how can you join a guild, all ive seen is a info button about each one.
and why is the game stopping at 70% loading at start, i clear cache everyday so its not that stopping


hello FreakyGirl
welcome to the forums - please browse around and you'll find miles of useful information in the various sections.

PMs are indeed the only in-game form of communication.

to join a guild you should read the profiles (those info pages you've located) - they usually state who's in charge of recruiting, and you can send that person a PM to request an invitation. or you can look at the "guild recruitment" section of this forum:

the problem with Dinegu not fully loading is a bug that they've been working on exterminating - please see this thread:

enjoy the game, and the forums!


Thank you mink for you fast reply. i´ll browse around for the guilds to see if there is anything fitting my gamethougts. ;)