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neighbourhood down to 11 & I'm stuck..



whilst I appreciate that there's no merge until the Summer Games have finished, it's having a detremental effect on the playing experience now in my world (East-Nagach)

I'm now stuck at the early Iron Age. My forge points are at the max and I cannnot spend them on anything as there's a serious lack of goods and no-one appears willing or able to trade, so I cannot unlock the technologies I have fulfilled with forge points!!

Added to this is the Guild I'm in also seem disinterested in trade, with only 1 or 2 swapping goods.

as a newbie I would appreciate any input - is there anything I can do or do I just sit tight and wait for the merge next month?




Hi Nelie,

Welcome to the Forum.
I think you are missing one important aspect of this game.
You can send 80 friend requests to anyone in your world and most probably all top players will accept your friend request since they all might have finished their friend request quota (you can send out 80 requests but can became friends with 140 players in total).
I am sure if you do daily mot/pol or help your friends with FP in to their GBs (as you told your FPs are just getting wasted), they will return the favor by trading you at a favorable rate :p
Hope it helps.


if your guild is not interested in trade, maybe it is time to find a new one to join. as i don't play on E-N, i can't help you there, but someone reading this hopefully will. have a look at profiles of different guilds using the rankings button top left of screen, and send messages asking for an invite to one you think would help you best.
send out some friend invites to people with great buildings - the you can put forge points into there GBs rather than wasting them. you stand a chance of getting some back then as a reward, and these then go into your inventory for you to use later, when you do have goods for unlocking. They may also be happy to trade or help you in return now or later. (check also in case any of your neighbours have GBs to do the same)
Good luck!

edit KJ beat me to replying - i type too slowly lol


howdy look me up in east nadach...my name is the same as here..send me a friends request ..i am sure i can help you out with trades

give me your game name so i know who you are..when you send request


cheers Knight. Invite has just been sent. How do I look for friends outside of my world as there seems to be only 11 players!!


go to global ..pick players around and slightly ahead of you and send invites from there..i took all your trades you had up ..happy hunting