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Naked Warriors Recruiting..


Naked Warriors Recruiting... #1 Guild, 10 mill points!

#1 Guild on Fel Dranghyr is recruiting! First to 10 MILLION POINTS and still going strong!

We're an experienced, fun and helpful Guild with active Guild "chat", very active and helpful trading, regular polish/motivation runs, helpful articles and discussions in Guild chat and on the Guild forums, etc.

All we require of you is that you be friendly, helpful, and (consistently) active, and follow the few rules we have. Visiting your Guildies regularly for motivation/polishing is a requirement (both for the Guild advancement, and for blueprints for your big buildings!), as is active participation in the PvP towers.

If you have earned over 30,000 points, and have completed at least 300 fights, message either myself or Byeordie in-game. (This is easy enough to do if you're active in the game!)

This opportunity won't last forever - once we get our member list to where we want it to be, recruitment will again close, and we will concentrate on helping our lower members to improve and climb through the ranks. There are currently only one or two positions left in the Guild at present.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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We've got a couple more have gone inactive recently, so we have opened recruitment for another two spots. Message me in-game pleae if you are interested and meeting the requirements listed above.



Number 1 Guild is once again recruiting. Couple have retired, and a few more inactive, as happens.
Message myself or BigCSB if you're > 20k points and 200 fights to advise of your interest :)



As a Lieutenant-General of this open forum I order you (who obviously has 30K points + 300 won battles) to join, or else join the spambox. (It's a win-win situation ;))
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I don't suppose I can get the points and fights on credit ;) If not, I'll check again to see if you have a slot free when I make it :)


First guild to hit 10 million points on server!!
Having hit the 8-figure mile-stone, it's time to do a little recruiting, and replace some of those that have wandered off over/since the Christmas break.

If you have the 20k points, and have completed at least 200 fights, want to be involved in a friendly and active Guild with a VERY active and helpful trade section, send either myself or BigCSB a message advising us of your wish to join, and we'll be in touch. If you are close to the requirements, send us a message and we'll consider you... you never know, you might just catch us on a good day ;)

Act fast... once we've got our membership back to where we want them to be, recruitment will be closed, and we'll be working on helping our members grow and improve. Will you be one of those we help? ;)


Rapidly running out of inactive members. If you've been considering applying, might want to do it sooner rather than later, folks :)


Guild is almost at capacity now, recruitment closing soon. Points and fights requirement updated.


Recruitment is open again! Anyone can join!
M/P is optional! Trades are taken quickly! Free BP Searching!
Message elena Braveheart or blzbob for an invite!
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