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Mughal Empire race


Is anybody willing to have a Mughal Empire competition?
I have finished my 2nd settlement and now working on my 3rd.
I need something to break the monotony :)


Since a few people are having trouble completing the Mughal Settlement on time, I thought I would share a few hints to help.
The best way to go about this is to complete it in stages.

Stage 1: 1 Rice Paddy and 20 Bhavans (open 1 expansion and put 2 more Bhavans)
Stage 2: 1 Rice, 1 Saree, 5 Shanti Ghars and 9 Chhatris (open 3 expansions with sarees)
Stage 3: 3 Goods buildings, 7 Shanti Ghars and 13 Chhatris
Stage 4: 4 Goods buildings, 8 Shanti Ghars and 15 Chhatris (open 3 expansions with spices)
Stage 5: 1 Baldachin, 4 Goods, 8 Shantis and 13 Chhatris
Stage 6: 1 Charbagh, 1 Baldachin, 5 Goods, 10 Shantis and 12 Chhatris (open 3 expansions with lotuses)
Stage 7: 4 Havelis, 1 Charbagh, 1 Baldachin, 5 Goods and 12 Chhatris

These numbers do not have to be exact. Depending on your space and impediment placement, you may have 1 more or less Shanti Ghar and a few Bhavans.


Do NOT spend more than 5 goods to open an expansion until the end (Stage 7).

You *MUST* make sure you open expansions to the edge of the settlement on BOTH sides to make full use of extra diplomacy bonus of Water Canals.
You will also have to remove any impediments in the way of the canals.
Also open expansions in front of the embassy to make full use of the bonus from Alleys.
Failure to do this will mean that you cannot obtain the 1260 diplomacy to open the last tech without wasting goods on more expansions.


Just finished 3rd Mughal Settlement.
1st completed with 6 days left.
2nd completed with 7 days left.
3rd completed with just under 6 days left.
Maximum reward for all 3.
Have now replaced one of my lvl 2 SoKs with a lvl 3 Minaret.

Started 4th Mughal Settlement.


Completed 4th Settlement with 5 days left and max rewards.
It makes a BIG difference to time if you get a 4x goods in the first 6 days when you have only one goods building going.


Completed 8th Settlement.
2 days left (good luck with 4x at start but Inno ruined it with the Embassy bug at the end).