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Moving to LMA


Hi there,

I'm planning to move up to LMA soon. I've got 3million coin and supplies with around 500 HMA goods each and 100 of each LMA good. My attack and defence boost are 67/69 and I have a few GBs: Zeus, Babel, Aachen, Alexandria, Delphi, Galata, Hagia Sophia. I've got 8 prints for the Castel del Monte and Arc. Should I gather more of everything, wait for prints or build up fp packages (390fps)?

Please could you just give some sort of suggestion!

Thank you

Nguyenrv09 en12


I am also in HMA and my bonuses are 110/70, and I still think they are too low to comfortably blast through GE and early GBG. I'd work on you GBs, everything else looks great. Delphi is useless but it doesn't take much space either and HS is so huge it's not space efficient ...

My plan before moving to LMA is lvl 10 Zeus, Aachen and CDM.


Okay, thank you! I was planning to fully level up my Aachen and Zeus beforehand; I'm definitely going to do that now! Both of them are still lv5

Paladiac the Pure

Lieutenant Colonel
I agree with leveling up your Zeus and Aachen - at least Level 10 is good (since you are getting +3 bonus per level) after Level 10, you only get +1 every 1-2 levels - so the first 10 levels are prime! And if you can get Castel, that would be great as well.
I would also agree on eliminating HS - 2 things, 1) takes up a lot of space for what it offers and 2) happiness bonus not really needed - if you need happiness, you can get it from cultural or decorations taking up much less space - getting the FP's is nice, but sadly it really does take up way too much space. Keep Delphi for now, but do not spend too much on it - the small level of happiness & supplies is okay and it does not use up that much space. Later, you may decide to eliminate it for better GB.
Also, if you have not started yet - consider playing the Settlement mini-game. See what the max building offers, and it will take a while to get the building maxed, but it may affect what other decisions you will make. It can take 10-20 days for each round of the settlement, depending how much time you have available - but it will pay off in the end. The Japanese settlement, Shinto Temple, is one of the first buildings I now 1-up each time I move up an Age - 50 goods of the new Age is very beneficial, especially the first few days of entering the new age.


Haha, I do feel bad about this, but I would like to suggest trying to snipe. It gave me quite a boost there :) It's easy, get the FoE Helper extension, and turn the "GB Calculator" on. Set the ratio to ... whatever your Arc's rate is right now, and you're on :) I just got 600 FP the other day :)