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Discussion in 'Ideas Archive' started by Dustsans123s, Feb 26, 2019.

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  1. Dustsans123s

    Dustsans123s Private

    Feb 23, 2019
    I think it would be cool to choose and control the character. Like in the battles you can control just one character and the rest will be AI.
    But do not think that like first person view or something the view stay the same as it is now.

    good luck.
  2. bradype

    bradype Emperor

    Jun 3, 2018
    So you mean a manual fight with 1 unit and auto with the others?
    So basically it takes at much time as manual and it's as bad as auto?
    A huge
  3. Agent327

    Agent327 Emperor

    Nov 13, 2017
    Does not make sense

    - 1
  4. Galladhorn

    Galladhorn General

    Oct 26, 2014
    The battles are very much like Chess or rather turnbased strategy - there is nothing wrong with having more units because there is time to consider what to do, though naturally a lot of Auto Battles are being done. If battles were RTS alike the game would need some more active AI – in games like Starcraft, Company of Heores, Red Alert, Total War Series and many others some AI is needed – but overall it is the player that decides the actions.

    Having control of only one character while not being able to decide what your other units might do is not really a good idea – it would easily turn to annoyment – already many complaints and suggestions in regard to autodefence etc. cant help thinking what would happen when your own units are doing stupid things while the character is being played briallianlty – somehow it does no add up. We are far away from something like Dota or similar charater based games.

    Never the less having special characters with abilites is a viable possiblity and could be included into the current turn based platform wihtout too many changes in the visual design. The challenge would be to balance it in such way that a character could not by itself perform a battle wihout additonal units – and then we are looking at minor abilities hardly enough to justify as a Character.

    For such a proposal a far more detailed prospect is needed – even to get a constructive debate going.
    So as currently proposed.

  5. shad23

    shad23 Tsar

    Mar 30, 2015
    eaven if i get OP's point , i think he'd like to controle the one unit while AI controls 7 rogues
  6. Test Ament

    Test Ament Overlord

    Aug 8, 2013


    who would control the 7th rogue ?
  7. Emberguard

    Emberguard FoE Team Forum Moderator

    Nov 20, 2017
    In the current context of FoE? I don't see this being enjoyable for me. If I wanted to only particularly control my army I'd want a additional button that could tell whichever unit is currently in the queue to auto for that turn and then next turn that unit would be manual again. That way I would have full control every turn over which units are automated and which ones I manually control.

    Now if your specific idea was in an entirely new feature then I might like it. Just not for what we've currently got


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