Confirmed: Mouseover text "Town Hall (XXXX Age)" not showing

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Enter other player's city. Hover the cursor on the town hall.

The text/tip/hint "Town Hall (XXX Age)" does not appear.

-- Mostly. It does not appear for about eight out of ten players/cities.
For the other one or two cases, it is normal as before.

Operating system Window 10
Browser Chrome Version 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Game version 1.158.776519a04a3 (05.08.2019 10:24)

Cleared cache, deactivated HTML5 (rolled back to flash), to no avail.
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I also noticed the same glitch on my Rugnir game. It also applies to Halls of Fame, which forces one to pick one at random to motivate. Not very convenient when you want to aid the most advanced ones.
Below is a highlighted HoF in a guildmate's city (my mouse was on it for 5 seconds, nothing popped up with either the arrow pointer or the Motivate pointer)
No HoF tab - V1.158.jpg

Additional Info:
OS: Windows 10
Browser: Firefox 60.0
Version: 1.158
Client: HTML5


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Thank you, we have also noted that it applies to the Hall Of Fame, thank you for taking the time to report.