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Motivation priorities


Chief Warrant Officer
I have noticed my fairground builds, helter skelter etc very often miss the motivation aid process with productions being aided in preference to this build set even. Is it a case that multi part builds fall under the radar when auto aid is handed out? or just bad luck? Personally not a fan of these multi part event buildings.

Janet Devlin

I've been leaning on establishing a large active friend list to motivate and also saving any self-aid kits that come my way for a rainy day. I try to keep active so that they send me those and of course returning the attention my friends give. After all it is good if every worthy building gets motivated. I'm conflicted sometimes too with the events. Some events I like better than others, some I welcome and do enjoy them, others not so much. With the particular event we are in now, I thought I would play it lite like being chill in a sports bar. Letting the footballs accumulate. I keep getting the finger on that decision.


Does the system take into account the age of particular building? I've noticed lower age special buildings have lower priority than current age ones.

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
Aid priority

1. Forge Points (for example Lord's Manor, Pillar of Heroes Level 7, SoK, Sundial Spire, etc.)
2. Random good (ex. Royal Cascade or Athlete Living Quarters)
3. Goods of age (for example Caravansary or Kiosk)
4. Units
5. Medals (for example Pole House or Shrine of Awe)
6. Blueprints (for example Shrine of Inspiration)
7. Crowns

After that it is a toss up between motivating and polishing and after that age comes in.


Does it influence order of priority if I choose an option for goods production (for example current age Fan Shop) vs other options in that building?