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Forwarded: More Filter Options in Inventory +

Do you support this Idea

  • Yes

    Votes: 7 77.8%
  • No

    Votes: 2 22.2%

  • Total voters
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Add two popup menues to the inventory buildings tab that allow for filtering by age and type of building

Currently the inventory can be filtered by the broad categories buildings, goods, consumables etc. and searched for building names. The search looks only into the name of the buildings, not into their type or age. Advancing through the game these pages fill up more and more. With tasks like "Build two residental buildings from last era" it would come in handy to be able to just set the filter to e.g. "Residental" and "Arctic Future" instead of going though the pages.
This is even more annoying when you build a lot of faces or gates for a happiness task.

Add two new elements, basically like the selection boxes "type" and "age" in the army selection dialog, showing the ages and the building categories like cultural, goods, production, military, and special.
I would love to see inventory filtering especially by age. So time consuming when doing event quests that for example want you to build residential buildings from your age and you have to go through pages and pages every time for each one.


IMO the search function is more than enough. For example if I need a cultural building from my age I just have to type "pu" and the publishing house is there, ready to be built. Just searching for the first 2 letters usually makes less than a page of result. Sometimes for buildings like SoK you can have 2 pages but then on the second page it's just the same stuff but outdated.
For example if I need a cultural building from my age I just have to type "pu" and the publishing house is there, ready to be built.
That somewhat misses the point. If I know I want to build a publishers house you are of course right, but if I don't know the name of the building but want to check what cultural buildings I have from a certain era, the search doesn't help at all.


I support the Idea, particular with a filtering for Special Buildings.
That said the Search works well and overall it is not a major issue, but you got my vote ;)
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