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Implemented: Monthly forum event


Hey there!
I am already sorry for my approximative English, I am not a native (I am French). So, here is a thing.
On the French forum, the community managers and administrators create a "forum event" in the middle of each month. Whoever has an account on the forum can do this event.
The theme of it changes every month, depending sometimes on the current game event or something not related to it but on the real-life event. For April, we had a forum event based on Easter.

There are different types of games, but most of the time, it's small games (crosswords, puzzles, holey texts, find the intruder, etc). It can also be a lottery (there are cases, you have to pick up a certain amount of them, and there are rewards hidden behind).

At the end of the event (about 10 days), these managers and administrators correct everyone who participated and give a reward depending on how many mistakes you did. Most of the time, the reward is diamonds (2K diamonds when you made no mistake, 1,5K if you made one, etc. They count them depending on how many mistakes people made in general).

So, here is my suggestion: could we have that too on the English forum? Instead of very hard "event" and a lottery to see 2/3 people winning something?


I know there are "forum event", it's every two month AND there are also a lottery to know who won the price. On the French forum, there are not such thing: everyone win something if they made less than 3 mistakes (most of the time it's that, an exception is made when they see that there were many mistakes)


yeah, there's a new 2nd thread in main "competition" thread asking exactly for this kind of ideas mate


As I said: either it's a lottery to know who won the price (just like right now), or it's a game and whoever made no mistake can be chosen to win the price...
But I know what do you mean -> I should have asked this back there instead of here ^^
It's "so well marked and written"...


they use some kind of random generator...whatever that is:).....
like your initiative...was just trying to help....there is someone who can make it happen open for new ideas...


I think it's a great idea and that is why I've moved it from discussion thread to ideas as we have competitions but Grgyfr is suggesting more idea to make competitions fun and improve.


I am pleased to see that this suggestion appears to be a good idea :blush: