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Moderators please read


I am really not liking this game at the moment. This last shuffling of the neighbors put me and 2 other people that are under 100k might/strength I'm 99,673 #80 on the list, the next closest person is 1,063,686 so with the exception of 2 people EVERY SINGLE PLAYER IN MY HOOD is 10 to 120 times my strength. I am attacking tanks and missile launchers with muskets. I thought the purpose of the neighbor shuffling was to keep it fair. I am getting plundered and I can not gain supplies, goods, or even coins because I can not attack or defend against 79 of the other people in my neighborhood. there are 2 below me but I am sure the same thing is happening to them. so what gives with this last resuffle?

Is there a way to get moved to a fair hood? otherwise I might as well stop playing this world since I can get no goods or supplies to keep advancing (with the exception of from great buildings which is not even close enough to being able to do anything)
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Hi lordfritz, welcome to the forums.

The best way to contact the "moderators" about your hood shuffle is to send an in-game ticket (forum moderators can't help you with in-game stuff in the same way). Some things to keep in mind with the hood system though:
Hoods are formed based on tech progress so that there should be no more than 3-4 consecutive ages/eras in any one hood (the system isn't perfect though and errors are made). So given that the Colonial Age is 2 ages down from the Progressive Era it is possible to have a hood where musketeers are fighting tanks/snipers.
The points a player has will not impact which hood they are placed in at all as it is possible to have more points than another player but be in a lower age. So the higher up in points you go the wider the "points range" will be in your hoods.

In your ticket to the in-game mods you might be able to ask that you get placed into a more appropriate hood manually but I'm not sure if that would be granted (it really depends on the make up of your hood).


Last week I got shuffled into a new Neighborhood in East-Nagach. I am Industrial Age, was 3rd in old Neighborhood, with about 220,000 points, started at 50th here. I have moved up to 43rd now. It doesn't sound bad so far.

Top player in my new Neighborhood is in the Contemporary Era and currently has a bit over 3.6 million points. Bottom player is in the Iron Age and has 1406. I get attacked multiple times every day, but plunder seems rare here (i.e., I only get plundered maybe once/day while my defenses get taken out a lot more).

I think there were 80 active players last week. Now there are only 68. I think several may have taken one look at what they were facing and decided to go do something else, becoming long-term inactives. I think that's part of the reason I moved up 7 places in a week.

I decided to take my lumps and work my way up the chain while hoping another Neighborhood shuffle would solve my problem by moving me or the guys at the top out of this Neighborhood. The difficulty for Forge Of Empires and the company behind it is that this type of sloppy Neighborhood shuffling probably loses them customers by making them despair of getting a fair shake. I have been playing FOE 18 months -- people were complaining about this issue before I started and nothing has been done, so most seem to assume the developers/the company place other things (probably almost everything) ahead of this on the to-do list.