Minimize button on the Building Menu leaves the building tabs visible


The minimize button on the Building Menu need some tweaking from its current behavior.

When you click the minimize button it will leave the menu header visible, but it will also leave the various building tabs visible [the first 4 tabs]. When minimized the tabs can still be selected, but you cannot click any building to place.

I think when the building menu is minimized these tabs should close: it's much nicer that way.

Also: there is no tooltip for the currently selected tab when hovered over with the mouse pointer. The tooltip comes up only for the tabs that are in the background.



Never noticed that before, but I see that you have your Player Bar lowered.
Try putting it back up and you'll see the tabs are nicely 'hidden'.

I cannot confirm if this is a new bug or an intended thing that just has never been noticed before.

As for there being no tooltip, that probably is intentional.. There's no need for a tooltip to show what your current tab is.. because it's already showing what's in that tab.

- L
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