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Other Message Center Changes

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Dear Kings and Queens,

Whether you are talking to your friends, trade goods, or plan the next Guild Battlegrounds, communication is important! To help make this process even better, we are proud to introduce the improved Message Center.

The Message Center will be activated on August 12th, 2020.​

To keep all communication in one place and organized, we combined parts of the guild forums, and updated the Message Center. The new Message Center can be divided into three categories. The guild category, the social category, and the official category.

In the social category, you can create conversations with other players, be it friends, neighbors, or someone you just met. When you have a conversation that you would like to follow more closely, you can click on the yellow star

On the right side of the message, or click on "Mark as Favorite" when you are in the message window. By clicking on "#Favorites" you will see all of the conversations that you marked as favorite. You also have the option to hide a conversation, this will hide them from your social category and you won't get any notifications when a player sends a message in that conversation. But you can still view the conversation by clicking on "#Hidden".

In the guild category, you can find all your guild conversations. At the top, you have the main guild conversation that is automatically created when you create a guild. You can add a new conversation by clicking on the "New" button on the top right of your screen. After you fill out your topic name and Message, click on "create message" to create a message shared by all the guild members. All guild conversations will be automatically updated when a member joins or leaves your guild. The guild category has an extra "#Important" tab that shows all messages that one of the guild leadership marked as important.
As such there is no administration here as all Guild members automatically join or leave with the Guild. Guild members can hide a thread but they cannot leave it.

Last but not least, you can find all official announcements or system messages in the official category. In this category, we share with you all the latest updates about Forge of Empires. You can also find game messages such as League Results in this category.

As always, your feedback is very important for us, so don't forget to comment here!

The Forge of Empires Team

Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager
Dear players,

We have recently included deletion and editing features to the existing Message Center.

To use this, you simply need to click on the message date and choose one of the options to delete or edit.

Clicking on the message​
Deleted message​
Edited Message​
Cancel/Confirm while editing​

Please, keep in mind that it's not possible to revert an edited or deleted message.

We hope you enjoy this addition to the Message Center

Kind regards,
Your Forge of Empires Team.