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menus let clicks -through-


I've had this issue for a while now and I'm not sure if it's a bug, but it's sure bugging me.

The issue occurs when:
- I open the build menu;
- when I click the 'sell' or 'move' button at the top of the screen;
- when I am in another player's city and the motivate/polish menu is up;
- when I'm in my own city aiding people through the aid-button

The menus and buttons that are laid over the buildings do obscure city constructions from sight, but do not prevent them from being clicked. The menu's and their buttons are often 'ignored' and my click goes straight through them, to the building or construction underneath said menu or button. This is a nuisance, and today combined with lag it resulted in me accidentally selling the graveyard (which I did not even know I had selected... it happened to be under the 'sell' button). I got it back, but it that was the reason to race to the forum and report this.
Thanks for reading.
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I have experienced this click-thru problem as long as I've been playing the game, (over a year now). The most annoying aspect of it is when first logging in: The event history window shows up before the city has fully displayed/loaded, you click "close" at the bottom of event history and your click "clicks-thru" and hits something in your city. Sometimes this is a supplies production building that you use in a recurring quest and you have just inadvertently collected it and you have to reset and wait another 24hrs.
There are many other examples. Sometimes the building "mouse-over" feature shows up when you have the mouse over the chat area or on the friends list.