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Maximising PvP Points?

  • Thread starter DeletedUser106060
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until the recently I've done well in the PvP towers, basically by having a strong army, good defence, good GB boost and making sure my villagers are happy. I've seen others fight the same 'hood as me and average around the same number of points per fight (I know the figure varies depending on what you are fighting against and how much damage you take) in PE & ME. But recently I've come across a new player who is just running away with the tower. I'm averaging around 10,500 points per fight, he's averaging almost 32,000 against the same opponents. I've friended him and asked how he does it but he says he can't give away the secrets of maximising the points per battle (I can't say I blame him) and that he was taught how to do it by his guild.

Anyone any advice as to how to get more points per fight?


GvG gives more points than PvP ;)
always 8 units of the same era, neighbors could have old units or 2 spearfighters


There are no secrets to max battle points here are some tips
Don't use auto battle
Use the terrain for the bonus
Don't take any damage
Make sure happiness is at 120%
Even if that player did all above and you didn't
If they faced same defense as you there is no way they would earn 3x as many pts as you
So either they have arrangement with neighbors to put up max pt defense
Or they are fighting rigged battles in GvG (2 guilds with agreement to swap sector back and forth each day with max pt defense)
That's probably what he learned from guild


Just do what the rest of them are doing and keep release and retaking a sector :)