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Do Not Suggest: Market system in FoE



To make little changes in Negotiations and Neighborhood in order to vitalize goods market.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?
Yes. Didn't find it.


Recently I was looking for information about Market system in FoE and found out that people complain about market system, especially 2:1, 1:1 and 1:2 ratios. Since I'm trading more and more in FoE, I noticed that markets are really stagnant and not much happening there. I suspect that there was a good reason to introduce ratios, most porobably there where people who were abusing trade system and to deal with them rations were introduced (correct me if I'm wrong here). But in any case I have a few suggestions how to make market more lively :) I think it would make goods market more lively, would make more interactions between players and would make overall game experience more pleasant.

1. You have to spend FPs in order to trade. This one is relevant only in early game, when every FP is very sprecious. Later on when your FP GBs are high level this falls off. From the psychological perspective, fear of loosing is much bigger in humans than joy of getting. I'm not psychologist, so you can double check this claim if you want. But what I'm saying is that market system should be rewarding, not punishing (punishment for using market is lost FPs). Suggestion. Maybe it would make sense not to charge 1 FP for trade in the early ages and starting to charge from a certain age. This would give low ages people ability to trade without a fear of loosing FPs. And high age people don't care about that FP per trade anyway.

2. There is no incentive to buy higher (+1 from your current age) age goods. Currently in FoE there is absolutely no reason to buy higher age (+1 from your current age) goods unless you are building some GB from next age. However it makes sense to buy lower age goods because they are used in Negotiations. But why would a person one age below me would buy my goods?? Makes no sense, what he/she is gonna do with them? What I'm saying is that there is no daily usefullness of next age goods. And ocasional GB building does not really cover the amounts of lower goods need for negotiations. Suggestion. Negotiations are the thing that ties your current age with the lower age, so why not to tie also your current age with next age? What if you could choose what kind of negotiation you wanna do: with lower goods, with current goods or with next goods. For example, what if in GE I would be able to choose which of the 3 types (lower, current or higher) of negotiation I wanna do?? Now, in order to make sense of it, there should be different amounts of goods to be used. Lets say if I choose to do negotiation with my current goods, then I use 6 goods per try, but if I choose next or previous, then its only 2 goods per try (these amounts are just an example of idea). In this example if I use my current goods and I need 3 tries to solve negotiation I lose 3*6 = 18 goods. But if I spend those 18 goods and buy 9 goods of next age and do negotiation with those next age goods then I spend 3*2 = 6, which is more profitable :) As I said, these amounts are not exact calculation but just to illustrate the idea (also, multiply everything by 5, since thre are 5 negotiators). And the idea here would be that you need to trade in order to save goods = more market activity :)

3. Neighborhood. Currently your neighboors in FoE are only people that are exactly at the same age as you. This I think limits markets very grately, since the only trade possible is the 1:1 exchange of goods. Suggestion. To make neighborhoods more dynamic and consisting of people from your age, previous age and next age. This would tie up people from different ages and let them trade goods across ages. This would be especialy good if you need goods from +1 -1 age for negotiations. I don't know current statistics on how many people are in which ages, so I just give very simple calculation. Let say in all FoE world (Dinegu for example) there are 500 people in your age, 300 in next age and 200 in previous. In such a case your neighborhood (100 people would be best I think) would consist of 50 your age people, 30 next age and 20 previous age. But again these numbers are just to illustrate the idea, there might be needed better statistical approach.
I do understand that there is a thing called "Plundering" and that the next age person will basically always brake though your defences and can plunder. However, the same situation is also now and a lot of people don't even put the defence army... the best way to avoid plundering is to collect your stuff on time or use city protection from tavern.

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Abuse Prevention:
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In short. Suggestion is to make daily usefullness of higher age goods, so that people would want to trade also UP not only down. This would tie up not just your current age with lower age, but also your current age with next age. As a consequence, markets would be lively, would also be more interactions between players.

Deleted member 112124

I have always Traded both up and down the Eras and have encountered no issues with this. FP use is fine with me, I pay when I need the Goods in short order and accept this as an attendant cost for doing so. Whilst it can be true in the early Eras, especially with new Players, that the Market appears "stagnant", experience soon cures that as we cannot progress without it. As more new Players learn the Game, the levels of Trade increases and expands to cover all Eras.
Hoods already include Players from multiple Eras, usually dependant on the number of Players in and around any particular Era so, no changes need to be made to a set-up which already exists without your statistical illustration.
I honestly do not see any advantage to be the end result of you proposed adjustments.