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Make a wish

Zeratul 2.0

Lieutenant Colonel
Is the Wishing Well worth the space? I have no idea! But judging from the release of the "shrinking kit", probably not! as it probably is worthy only after the shrinking!

I deleted a Wishing Well (among other things) to make space for the Fall Event, leaving two still existing in the city, one normal, one shrunk. But I keep getting new ones, from Event, and from daily challenge. Just now I checked the inventory and found three ready for deployment! Should I build them?

To answer that question, I've got an idea -- Let's adopt a "scientific way of development"! by keeping a record of what the WW's production from now on, every time I collect, because you know what they say, 'a dull pencil is better than the sharpest mind!' (How's that the same thing?)

What do you think I will be getting next? Leave a comment below!!! (Or don't, because you have to "wish it!".)

I have another question -- would "crowd-wishing" alter the future outcome of such a "wishing device"? ...

Table: Bewildered Zeratul's Wishing Well Yields
|________________|__The Normal Well__|__The Shrunk Well__|
|____Forge Points__|_________2________|________0_________|

(Base number for historical accumulates; increase number for today's production; refreshed daily!)

With the construction of two new wells (for reason not of efficiency but of appearance, as their size and shape fit perfectly with the gap) and the consequent poor traceability as to which is which, continued updating of this post was terminated on Sept.31, 2018 Human Time, after successfully achieving its purposelessness...
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Wishing wells gives items at your current era. So you've no need to upgrade them like some others. I've had diamonds from mine so yes if I was you, I'd build them!!!


Indeed. They become more useful the further down the techline you go. Modern era onwards it's unrefined goods. But unrefined are still needed for refined goods which makes them a good supplement to what the GBs produce.


I think I have 8 in total.. 6 are shrunk. Wish FoY had same shrinkage lol


Wishing wells gives items at your current era. So you've no need to upgrade them like some others. I've had diamonds from mine so yes if I was you, I'd build them!!!
Wishing Wells are All Ages!!!! You can not even upgrade them!!!!!

They do not give goods from your current era by defenition. In later era's they give unrefined goods.


Wishing wells imho are nice for sub worlds (diamonds mining) but once entered MA, assuming they are not shrinked, they take quite some space.
In this example I assume there are some nice leveled goods GB’s which deliver those unrefined goods needed to make the refined goods.
It could work if, prior to entering the modern era, CF is nicely leveled already for those refined goods.


As already said they are ok before ME. After ME then only if you don't have anything better to put in the space. The unrefined goods are ok but less important if you get your current era goods from other sources than goods buildings that need unrefined goods to drive them. Better of filling the space with fp generating buildings as and when you get them and stick the WW into your inventory just in case it becomes a bit more useful at a later date. You never know what the devs have up their sleeve.