Looking for someone to help with trades (jaims)


greetings all

I am currently in the LMA era and hunting for some goods for two dif great buildings (jaims)

Industrial era 500x each good
Modern era 500x each good

I’m happy to trade LMA goods for them and forge points as long as it’s a fair rate, last guy I had lined up tried to charge me 30 forge points per 10 goods and was far from fair

If you can help please do I’ve been hunting for these goods for ages and my guild isn’t in a position to trade.

Tried asking neighbours, friends, even reddit seems no1 has anything to trade

Thanks in advance


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Wouldn't it be easier to get the goods from the player(s), that gave you Arc, Cape, HC, BG, Traz and Inno?


it would, however, i have moved on from that guild due to health issues that i need to complete certain tasks regularly