Looking for New Members for The Fifth Column Guild

*** Invitation to join The Fifth Column ***

Benefits :
  1. A very active 1.9 thread for all great buildings, (due to 75% of guild members having level 80 Arcs)
  2. 6 fps everyday from town hall
  3. Reduction in coin and supply cost of all buildings by 13%, recruitment bonus 26%
  4. Help provided in acquiring BPs for GBs and goods.
  5. Friendly atmosphere, help and guidance provided to new members
  6. Membership of level 51 guild
  1. Applicants should have an Arc or have the blueprints to put one up. (Help will be provided with the goods).
  2. Each week to complete at least 32/48, and should be able to do 64/64 in less than 3 days if needed to win...
If you think you fit well, feel free to send a reply… Thanks