Looking for new friends!

Prince Blart

I'm looking for new friends to pollivate on a daily basis.
If you have room,please consider adding me.
Thank you!
All though I'm out of invites on Langendorn, I still can accept, so please add me, who can :) I play all en. worlds!
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Well, you can add me on any world as I am on all eleven and have used all friends requests so can not send any out


Please fee free to add me in Fel... Also My Guild is recruiting if you are looking for a Guild to join ;-)


Hi Earth!

Looking for a long term friends who would accept daily help and would help daily or almost daily too. Please find me in Langerdon!


Sent you an invite Prince Blart :)

I am happy to accept invites also. I have run out of invites so cant invite anyone else.
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Prince Blart

Thank you everyone for the friendships.
I am out of invites,but have room for more.

Skitters the Unclean

I've just blasted out a load of invites, and welcome any to me :)


Second Lieutenant
I clear out on a regular basis those that do not polivate once every 4 days, so if you have friend requests left and do that send one over, A friend for life then



Hi all good people of Langedorn, if you are able pls add me as a friend 'ajemrunner' is the name and i promise to aid, tavern and visit your BG's regularly. I hunt for apples ATM so i will accept you all even if you are not active, later i will clear inactives of course :D