Looking for new friends!

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Viceroy Redbeard

Please consider adding me for daily motivate/polish.
Thank you.:D


Also add me, got a few slots free :)

Daily pol/mot and expect the same in return

Blitz Epidemic

Add me to your friends list if you mot/pol at least 3 times a week, I usually do it everyday and I do check events on occasion to get rid of players not doing their part.


Hi :) Please add me!
Happy to accept all friend invites, especially from regular polivators! I usually polivate daily.:)


Looking for friends who are HMA or above please send me a message before sending request thanks. Daily pol/mot and I read your profile and follow instructions as long as it's not an essay

Lord Manfat

Can someone please invite me to a guild as the trade rates are killing me, daily (hourly player) player, cheers


Well, I can accept approximately 55 more friends requests but I have used all my 80 (you can have a maximum of 140 friends), therefore, please send me a request


Added all from above. I'm in the Iron Age, looking for friends with Great Buildings and a guild with 60+ members. Please send invites.
I'm also on all other worlds, accepting friend requests.
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Hi, I'm also looking for mot/pol friends.
I've only recently started the game, but I aid daily.


I'm new too, motivate and polish everyday, I also donate Forge Points to Good Buildings so if your in my neighbourhood please add me.

Looking for a guild too if anyone knows how?