****Looking for Minions!****

mighty minions.jpg

~'Mighty Minions' is looking for new minions in all ages. ~

We have a 1.9 thread, various FP swap threads and fair trading amongst guild members.

Other than that we are mostly active (and competitive) in GE and battlegrounds.
All 4 levels of the GE are opened up every week.

An arc is a + but not a requirement, we will be more than happy to help new minions with acquiring one or any other GB. For this we also have a 'in the mud'-thread.

Now in return we require all minions to at least complete the first level of GE and if possible more, we want you to aid your fellow minions whenever you can and seeing as GE is a week thing we do need to know if a minion is going to be away for more than a week and of course seeing as we do like to compete in battlegrounds, we expect some help there too.

For more information, contact: L00P00, O great noxid, Its Michael Not Marco or Psycho Mommy. When you join, check your messages for a Welcome PM.

Happy gaming!!