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Looking for GvG players to be part of one of the Top guilds in FD


Chief Warrant Officer
Hi all,

Private Trading is one of the Longest standing guilds in Fel dranghyr and is currently ranked among the top 3 guilds... We have come up the ranking through the regular participation of all our members in all aspects of the game... We never behave as guild members of an online game with each other but more as online friends playing this game for our enjoyment. Unfortunately because of the recent happenings (or in better words non-happenings) in the game, few of our friends have gone inactive ....and after waiting for quite some time for them to return back we have understood that they must have moved on and will not be returning to the game... And Now we are looking for new friends to join us in our further growth..

We are mainly looking for players who are in ME / PME and interested in participating in the GVG aspect of this game ... though this is not the main criteria to join our guild ... the main criteria to join our guild is that you play this game as actively and regularly as possible (we dont expect you to be on this game 24x7). There are no hard and fast rules in this guild... You are free to play the game as you wish to play ... We only expect you to participate in GvG if you can and are interested ...in any form as in goods donation, supplying Defense units, or direct fighting .... so that we can remain in the top and all of us in the guild can enjoy the benefits we get from it ....

Some of the benefits you will enjoy when you join our guild (apart from the regular mot / polish, GB Leveling groups etc etc) :

2 FPs every day from your town hall (very soon it will be 3 FPs)
12% reduction in recruiting and healing of your military units
6% reduction in coins and supplies cost for all buildings

If interested to join please contact in-game - Timmers, Jouchka, byeordie or me - ddevil

Hoping to see new friends in our guild soon.

thank you


(Leader of PT)