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Looking for guild

  • Thread starter DeletedUser110026
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Hello there.

First time poster here and fairly new to Forge of Empires. I recently joined a guild and found, it wasn't quite what I wanted, so I am looking to leave and join another. I'm a fairly active player, I check in at least once a day and I always aid everyone in my neighbourhood and guild, and I like to think I have a nice productive game going.

So yeah, I'm now looking for a new guild of active and talkative players. I'm looking for friends and community, mostly for trade and chat who abide by free trading. I find my neighbourhood is completely silent and I find the game is missing a certain... well... for a game about co-operating and competition everyone is very insular. I'd like to join a guild who can break that mould.

Please message me if you're looking for members and you feel your guild suits what I am looking for.

Thank you.


Hi - I have started a 'Free Trade' guild - I think the guilds regulate trading too much and it prevents players who could advance well in the game from being willing to offer and accept trades between ages.

As an example - Let's say I have 3 rubber factories and 550 rubber.

I need 130 Gasoline to advance to 'Modern Era'

According to convention, I must offer 260 of my rubber to get that.

Okay so most trades over 50 goods sit in the trade pile for days.

Instead I offer 100 rubber for 65 Gasoline and create 2 trades like that.

These trades get accepted within 8 hours.

It got accepted because the other player wanted the rubber to use in Guild Expeditions as he was unable to negotiate without it easily.

Both players are happy - both advance to their next stage, but noone does this kind of trade because they are not fair, even when they help other players.

You will see from this example that a player was able to advance technology, and move on an era, which helps his guild and the guild the other player was in is able to benefit on expeditions.

Yet every single guild I have encountered has rules that prevent you from trading in this way.

The one guild that helps individual players to advance using unfair trades will be a very strong guild and will advance quicker than others - I just need to prove it.

The invite is open to any player who has profited from using unfair trades and has decided to 'go it alone' before, because their guild stops them doing this.