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Looking for advice on how to progress


Hello everyone,

My first post here, even though i was a long time reader.
I need some help making decision on how to progress in the most effecient way

Where I am currently:
Progressive Era
Can complete lvl 2 expeditions with no negotiating
I dont participate in GvG and have no plans to do so anytime soon

My city production per day (excluding rewards from GE, contribution rewards):

FP 90
Coins 1.5mil
Supplies 500k
PE Goods 250

My GBs lvls:
Arc 1
CF 4
LoA 4
Temple 1
Observatory 4
Alcatraz 6
Habitat 3
CoA 3
Zeus 4

My original plan up until now was:
To stay in PE and level Habitat and Alcatraz first so i need no population nor happynes buildings and keep people enthusiastic
Then i thought i will level CDM, CoA, Zeus to lvl 10 so i can complete lvl 4 expeditions with no need to negotiate
After, level CF to 10 and SMB to 10 so i can get more rewards from recuring quests and more coins that i can convert into FPs
Next step was to level Arc to 80 staying in the same age (PE)
Meanwhile building enough goods via trading and FP stock so i can skip through ME and PME and stay is Contemporary for some time

Now questions:
Does my plan sound like an effecient way to progress? I kinda started thinking, maybe i should push through to Contemporary now and do all GB leveling in that age?
Or maybe someone can suggest any other way to progress?

Another question is on arc leveling. I have read a lot of posts on that topic and figured out that the best way to level it would be in a swapping group where people take turns in taking 1, 2 and 3rd places in each other's Arcs. I see the point and it makes total sense
However, as per my original plan, i am a few month's away before starting leveling the Arc. However, when i get to that point, i am still unsure how to find such a group on my server?
Lets assume that people in my guild will not want to join. Or only 1 person joins. Where to get the rest? It doesnt feel right to start sending mails to friends asking if they would join. Or is that the way?
Forum threads on my server seems to be dedicated to guild recruiting only.
Any tips on finding/starting Arc lvling group?
And another question on that topic is - what would be a good min daily FP requirement for such a group to be progressing more or less fast?

Thank you very much for taking time to read this and thanks in advance for your input.


Hello, my Langendorn friend :D
As I know level of your GBs, it is easier for me to help.
I would first suggest you to take your military bonus GBs (Zeus, CoA and CdM) to at least lvl 5 (if you are fighter).
Then, in my opinion, go for Arc 80,as it will solve FPs and BPs problems.
Now, you can level your Arc in two ways:
1. Private swap groups usually consisting of 5 players (there are guides for that).
2. Arc incubator groups, consisting of little Arcs and Arc 80s, where you self-level your Arc until someone from group with Arc 80 can secure first and second place (with 0 profit or some profit, depending on agreement).
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FP's are king in this game i'd sugest you up your CDM and Arc to decent levels so you get loads of FP's then rest will become easy as you'll have enough to do what you want in your city