Looking for a guild


I would like to join a guild with 60+ members. I need help with trades for quests and tech unlocks. I trade fair and will donate forge points to great buildings.


always advertise your points so that tribes know where you fit in, ie if you have 200k points you do not want to join an iron age type tribe but if you had 200k points you do not want invite to an IA guild as well,


50k points, near end of LMA. I have offers posted on the market for the remaining goods I need to get out of LMA and unlock the first few techs in Colonial Age.


Ladies and Gents, I'm a new player, 2.5k pts & the Iron Age, and keen to join a guild to begin trading and developing my town to the mutual benefit of others. Any offers?

EDIT: Thanks Giapman for the invite. I'm sorted now :)
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