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Looking for a casual trading-based guild in G-world.

  • Thread starter DeletedUser3157
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Hello. I'm looking to up my guild. Not too much goods move around in my current one. Plus I'm already finding it rather difficult to get CA trades done there, and I will be doing InA ones soon, so I'm thinking I might need to move.

My player characteristics:

- I log about 2-3 times per day.
- Actively produce goods with at least 3-4 factories every day and trade them out at fair rates within the guild.
- Plenty of FoE expirience from other worlds.
- Stable. I doubt I will go inactive or dissapear any time soon.
- Minimal or no PvP - I negotiate most of my sectors. Most military I keep around is just for defense and to give attacker best possible PvP points.
- 140k points currently. My growth rate is about 1.3k points per day what comes from collecting resources(daily collect is about 200k coins and 200k supplies).
- I don't get around to polish/motivate all my guild too often. Maybe once per month.
- I have St. Marks and Lighthouse as current GBs. Will build Royal Albert Hall in next months, so people with that GB in guild could see some FPs from me.

You can contact me here or in-game(it's "hint2" in game).


Hi Hint,
Everything is perfect expect the Polish/Motivate.

Kingdom Hearts Guilds seek all members to polish/motivate their fellow-members once in 3 days, exceptional circumstances we can give one day relaxation but once in a month is far from Kingdom Hearts policy.
However, if you are looking for higher age trades, just send me a friend request and we can help each other mutually or we can arrange you a transit halt @ Kingdom Hearts if that's okay with you :)


have you found a guild?
As far as casual goes we must be top of the list, lol
ranked 25th, we are looking for players like you
mail me