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Login Issue


  • World: EN server
  • Browser and Version: Tried with Google Chrome, IE and Microsoft Edge
  • Overview of the bug: When logging in, it brings up "404 Not found" where I should click Play or add my username and password. I've cleared my Cache with no change.
  • Screenshots:

  • How often this occurs: First time, but also happens on Beta server.
  • Urgency: Very Urgent.
  • Preventative Actions: None
  • Summary: 404 Not found
  • I have performed a quicksearch of the forums using a select few keywords relating to my bug to see if it has already been reported: Yes


I have no issue with it after clearing cache, but on Firefox. Particularly after entering incognito/private browsing mode.


have been unable to log in since the update. Have contacted support but up till now no help whatsoever. Have done all they asked of me changed password etc cleared cache but nothing it seems gets me back in. Now I can't even get in contact with them. They asked for a screen shot which i have done but unable to send. I am running windows explorer, Not only me it seems i have friends in other countries that can't get in also. I wish to state I have spent over 200 pounds which i intend to recuperate due to support failures. It is a game i enjoyed playing and hope to play again when sorted


As usual no reply from support. Having to play clash of kings hope i get better support from there, But will return if i can ever getback in here again


What does it take to get a reply. No contact by e mail or on here.


So to recap you have
1. cleared cache
2. tried both firefox and chrome
3. checked using another device to check it isn't a setting on your computer.

You've done all that and still not working at all?