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Logging in issues

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Hi, I have no trouble logging into the game on a Chrome browser. However when I try to log in on a mobile device or any other browser as CVA62 it changes to cva62 all lower case and takes me to a brand new game. On two computers if I stick with Chrome browser I seem to be OK, but any other browser or mobile on an ipad is a no go. I have no issue with sticking with Chrome browser V86 (which I registered the game with) but would love to be able to use the ipad. Any suggestions, mates? Thank you.

BTW I contacted Innogames but never got a reply. Thanx all.
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Thank you for the reply Emberguard.

I have not tried FireFox but I tried Microsoft Edge on the Win 10 laptop and it does the same thing as the ipad and Safari browser on the iMac. Attempt to log in as CVA62 and it will default to cva62 and take me to a brand new game with old guy giving instructions.

I believe I read somewhere that Innogames says that one's user name is case sensitive so I am totally at a loss as to why this issue is occuring.


What login method are you using out of the following options?
email + password
google play
apple game centre


@ jhule: Thank you. Not trying to create a new account, using the log-in box in the upper right hand corner.

@ Emberguard: Thank you. Email and password login method does not work. It says my email is invalid even though it is the email i used to register and the email InnoGames uses to send me infos and receipt of purchases. So, I need to use my Login Name instead and it will not recognize the All Caps CVA 62 and defaults to lower case cva62 EXCEPT on Chrome Browser running V86.xxx.

@Kinight of ICE: Thank you. Yes, correct, on the ipad I downloaded the game from the APP Store. On the log in screen it will not accept the email address, it says incorrect player name. So, I enter in CVA62, all caps, and when I enter the game, my city is only listed as starting a new game.

I am totally stumped over this, LOL. I am fairly computer literate but this is above my paygrade. This is all acting like the game refuses to load properly for me on anything but Google Chrome Browser, the browser I registered and set up the game on.

Thank you for everyone's time and effort to help me resolve this do funny. Much appreciated, time is valuable.


one more thing make sure you arent trying to log into any server that isnt EN.
also maybe try logging in from the other screen. the one with all the latest announcements

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
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Contact Support. They have more tools to look in to this. People here are trying to help, but in the end, just guessing.
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