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Lodroths' journal


Thanks. :D
I will be updating it, now and then if anything major happens. ;)


Eagerly awaits updates...

Great and funny idea for a Journal....

(+rep in thoughts)


:cool: Fantastic Lodroth

i wish i was as academic and inventive. great story.. keep it coming ;)


A journal with an awesome twist! Lodroth i'm reading yours only for now.


Thanks for the positive feedback, people :)
I might not update as frequently as some others, but I'll try to make the updates I do make up for it! :)

- L


Hey Lodroth, that is pretty good writing. I enjoyed those little stories. Reminded me a bit of early Terry Pratchett before he caught a bad dose of literature.


Absolutely hilarious! :D

I've read many of the other journals, but none of them have had me laugh so hard and enjoy them as much as yours. Please keep up the great work (and take all the time you need to do so). :)


P.S.: Having said the above... I can't wait for the next entry, LoL


Definitely continue! I have only skimmed through the others but I find yours enjoyable


Defo keep writing Lodroth, can't wait to see what mischief Rinbin will get himself into... Lol

Fantastic :p



Lodroth? You still there?

I know I said "take your time"... But I'm still keen on reading another entry. :D

Or are you wanting to tell me, you haven't even started yet? :(

~ Bloodwyn


Right.. Well..
Lately I've been extremely busy and there's no change from that for quite a while.
I'm not saying when pigs can fly.. coz I know Rinbin, and he's discovered the cannons.

- L


Very, very unfortunate... I loved the journal entries! They were really unique...
And now not only has he stopped writing more, he seems to have disappeared!? :(

What is this world coming to...?

Hope you find the time to come back and visit dear friend,