Light Bringers is recruiting

Lugh Longarm

Warrant Officer
We had a cull before GBG started, to get rid of the dead wood and still took 1st in Copper League by a healthy margin. If you want to fight IGE and GBG, if you want a broad range of GBs from which to earn and if you want to make meaningful progress with a small but effective Guild; come and take a look. We are looking for competent, well rounded Players with decent, broad spectrum Cities to complete the mix and grow with the Guild. We are methodical and patient in our advance up the Tech Tree, taking time to Expand and Consolidate our Cities and require new Members to possess or adopt the same ideology; we will not be rushed but we will progress with strength in depth.
Players from EMA to Colonial preferred, with as stated, a broad spectrum City.
Check out our Guild Bio for more gen and contact myself or Glyndwr ap Gareth if you're interested, or simply send Application.
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