Life as a minion...

So I have been wandering through the world of Cirgard for 31 days now and I figured I would jot down my travels through the ages, the hardship, friendship, goods and FP hunts.

From the moment I figured out how to join a guild by sacrificing a significant amount of my hourly appearing FP, I became a minion under the leadership of the Mighty Minions. If it wasn't for these for the most part complete strangers taking me in and guiding me I would have surely met a grim and painful death.

During my time in the bronze age I found that finding peeps to lock up in my tiny settlement 'the Asylum' is not that difficult. Throw some mud together...form something of a roof, call it a hut and here they are ready to eagerly get to work and donate whatever supplies they make to my miniony self. If they get pouty, throw a tree at them and they'll stop and stare at it and it will give them meaning in their endless days. If only enthusiasm came that easy to me.

I did not get to spend long in these simple times where space, buildings and happiness were abundant....Iron age turned out to be a whole different matter, but more on that next time. For the work of a minion is never complete.
Day 32... I've been in iron age for a while now. Wandering the great deserts...ok forest. Wondering what magic keeps all the Bambi deer stuck to their spot fighting the same old fights over and over again. Yet this is not the strangest thing I have come across in my travels. After losing my red kite to a big tree, running away from some beehives. I ran into this old little lady, hanging up laundry in the middle of the forest. Where she lives, no idea, how she got there, not a clue. I said 'good morning' and the strangest thing happens. She vanishes into thin air, yet in the area where she was at....there it is... 5 footballs. I took them back to the city with me, if only to have proof of the strange occurrence

Side being baffled at the incidents in the forest, I have found myself in a whole new heap of trouble though. I am hungry... I've tried everything but the peeps I got locked up in my city do not seem to understand. For a short while I had a goat farm, I looked forward to fresh cheese...and yet even after ordering the peeps to make some. And what do you guess? All I got were some tools...some hammers and some other stuff. I tried and tried again but to no avail. I ended up getting rid of the goats, they overtook half my city....and they smelled kinda funny.

So here I am sitting in my town hall, surrounded by stone, marble, iron...nothing edible...well there is wine, but how long can one survive on wine. Here is where my support group, my trusted new friends the Mighty Minions came in, they took me on an expedition to a foreign land. We had to fight and negotiate our way past small settlements, across mountain tops until we reached the volcano. Yet the gift of a Terrace farm also proved an empty promise for something edible. I should have ate the goats...

I have not given up on my quest just yet, I've got bigger plans to plot. Blueprints to glue together... When can I research a roll of tape? The work of a minion continues.
So I have tried to get some honey off of the trees I found in the did not work out. The bees pelted me with loose change, no idea where they got it from, but it hurt! :( My fellow minions have helped me out some though, I managed to trade some of my iron for honey. So my fear of starving has subsided at the very least.

I learned how to make some new army peeps, some even come with their own horsey pets. They are demanding little slaves though. They need this that and the other and in some battles instead of defending the Asylum like proud warriors, they just kind of roll over and die. Perhaps I am doing something wrong... I'll see what I can do to make them happy. The new GE started, I got a good head start going, I hope it will please the guild and they won't kick me in the butt like I've seen happen to a member that didn't do their share of the GE. It was quite the scandalous thing to watch...

Also I seem to have lost some peaceful people in my neighbourhood. I think that might be my bad though. I did a trial run to see how my new army peeps held up, I managed to free a whole lot of badly treated overworked spear-men. I mean they were just standing there, locked out of their city, the last and only ones standing to defeat humongous and well developed cities, what else was I supposed to do. Someone needs to help out! #savethespear-men
After freeing the poor slaves the gates just swung open and there it was, streets lined with goods. Cities that are yeah, some of those goods ended up in my possession. I swear they just fell off the back of the carriage. After returning home with said goods an old man appeared in some kind of futuristic outfit. He told me 'you are doing well my young minion...' in a voice that sounded like he had one too many drinks and one too many cigarettes in his lifetime. He handed me a shiny badge with the text 'outlaw', I hope this has no connection to other 'out-' words...outhouse comes to mind... So I fear my neighbours will not be safe just yet, I want another one of those shiny things, I love shiny things...and chocolate.
If they would just become my friends I wouldn't have to deal with their spear-men problems or see if there are any interesting things to get, so I'd say they do share in the responsibility.

I also got my first taste of a thing called Battlegrounds, it is a very interesting concept, but boy is it hard work for a patch of land. Another reason I need me some goods that might not come from the most legal of 'productions'. I will see how things go. A Minion on the warpath.
My Asylum is quite a bit of a headache today. It's been like an endless game of chess. Really I like puzzles, I like puzzles even more when the pieces fit together and there are clear edge pieces and some form of a cheat sheet on what the end result should be. Not that I am a spoiled person, I don't want much in game-life, just space, peeps...happy peeps, army peeps, goods, forge points, Great buildings, you know...nothing out of the ordinary or anything super big. Although I've got to say that almost alien like arc thing that I threw down, side looking like a UFO landed, takes up half the planet almost. Not even beginning to talk about the cute 'little' temple. Really has no one ever heard of good things coming in small packages?

*sigh* I miss visiting the realtor and discussing new properties.... I'll have to look into getting some, but it seems the longer they know me the more they raise the prices. I wonder if I ever did something to anger them... Some of my fellow minions and some friendly other inhabitants of the world of Cirgard gave me a shopping list with things that I should be looking into. I need to go looking into getting a building bunk bed or something.
Good news for my neighbourhood, instead of being completely spear-men happy, I've been trying to see who has helped me out in one way or another (even if they might not have done so willingly or on purpose) and help them back rather than run down their front door. Instead I just polished it up a little bit. So when you are walking through Cirgard and see something shiny, it might be one of the front door knobs that I polished :). And, sorry, but not that sorry for shopping around at those that didn't come by my town.

Oww big news, GE level 3 already, might not seem much to most but to this minion it is not too shabby. If enough people take my trades (yep unfair and mean and all that) I hope to be able to finish it off completely. Only thing I've got to hope is that there are people running around just a tad more desperate and out of goods than I am.
So the Mighty Minions seem to have taking a liking to little ol' newbie me. Still looking for more newbies so that I can stop being the newbie. All newbies gather!! (yes if you got a heap load of points and got your butt all the way to mars, I will still consider you a newbie just so I won't be anymore. So yeah, come join, we got honey...and wine! A Minion on the bribing path!
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Well I do apologise for not writing yesterday, I had very important Asylum and Mighty Minion business. I am now no longer a tiny little minion, I am a leader minion, which comes along with all kinds of perks! Keeping a thing called a forum up to date (I put a soapbox in the front yard of my town hall so that guild peeps can come by and get on it and tell their story, I figure that should be good enough) I also put up a welcome poster and info boards for any new members. That was a lot of work. Having to go to the main minions' town and putting that all up on their walls. I hope they don't mind a bit of graffiti paint, I figured that would be the best way to make it last.
I'm not entirely sure on the perks yet...side being the official holder of straight jackets (lvl1 of course) any friends of the guild can get one, but to get the upgrade, well you'd have to be one very very important friend or guild. I haven't completely decided yet on what is required to get an upgrade.

Of course now I also have the responsibility to lead the GE, I will have to show that it is possible to get to the end of this hard quest, I am not one that truly likes hot places and that part with the volcanoes is just uff, too hot for my liking. The things I do for my guild... Seriously...

On other matters, I have found that if one throws those things called FP's at the big buildings they actually do stuff in return in increasing %'s. I'm not sure how exactly it works but it sure is worth the effort to rally guildies, friends and neighbours to please the buildings and get things back from them. I have heard from reliable sources that the people giving FP actually get things back too. I have tried to help out a few neighbours this way and it turns out to be true! So a call out to all inhabitants of Cirgard, share the FP wealth and be rewarded!
Still working on my wish-list of space, peeps, happiness and all that. Does anyone know if Santa Claus, Sinterklaas, Easter bunny or any of those visit these parts of the land? Tooth fairy? I'm sure can collect some teeth from my slave peeps...

Political minion on the go!
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I am speaking to you today from my bed in town hall. I have gotten a few boo boo's and ouchies the last times I fought. *points at band aid on knee* it was a horrible battle that I shall not soon forget. Yet I am proud that some of my neighbours heard my plea and joined #savethespear-men so there is that. I wonder if my new to be trained army peeps are ever hesitant to join or if at the sight of some money and supplies they just standard go 'oh yeah no prob, let me grab my coat and toothbrush and move my butt to whichever army building'. Personally I'd only hold out for a horsey position. What's the use of joining any old age army if you're not going to be riding a horse while doing it. Yes this minion is a horse fan.

In other news, same old same old, it's almost like news in RL, it just kinda repeats itself over and over. Different subject though. Out of goods. I miss goods... So much stuff I could do with goods *daydreams*. I need a ride to the market and see if I can get some trading done. Anyone heading that way? I make for a good passenger, I bring treats! Well only honey at this point in time but if I can plunder a bag of chips and a sandwich I'll be sure to bring it along and share. You know what the nice thing is about the market in Cirgard, the amount of peeps there. It seems like everyone got something they want to trade for something else. I've seen some seriously strangely dressed people around. Met some tiny guy with a weird accent that called himself Marvin, he didn't quite look human. And then there was this lady who found a whole new use for her peeps. Had a few of them carry her around on some kind of platform. (will have to remember that for future reference). And then there is that one guy who thinks his stuff is all that. I mean I do unfair trades but what he offers is near ridiculous! And yet still he manages to trade stuff once in a while. Maybe people feel sorry for him or something?

Alrighty, I had plans to go FP hunting today but I fear I will have to leave my warpaint and camouflage outfits in the closet and just suffer the slight defeat of yesterday. It's all in a days work. No worries, this minion 'will be back' (you know which accent to imagine with that).
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Tomorrow this minion won't be on to post so I figure I will use today to enlighten you all in my 'dummy-mistakes-101'. It all starts with Forge points as with most things in Cirgard, it is the thing you want to give away, yet not want to give away too much either. Today was one of those days. Math is not my strong suit especially not when it needs to be done quickly.
Mistake number one that I have made is thinking I secured a spot...and not doing so. And finding out...of course too late, that I am sitting pretty in spot number 6, one of the least useful spots to be in. And if you think that is not the brightest thing to do, no worries, it gets better.

In our guild we have several threads, I don't mean the sweater threads or friendship bracelets, I more mean a bunch of overworked owls flying messages back and forth. Whatever would we do without those birds, I got no idea. It is a bit messy though, might be something the game needs to consider, a cleaning crew.

Ok sorry for drifting away from my rant, back to said threads. One of those is for 'levelling Great Buildings' once a building is almost close to granting extra rewards after offering it a lot of forge points, our guild-mates warn each other if there is a so called 'cheap spot' left on the building. Today I managed to fish behind that net 5 times, and that on one of the buildings that is on my wish-list, it was very sad really. But that is not where my bad luck ended. After running after the fact for so many times I did my very very best to keep an eye on any owls arriving. And finally! I got lucky, one of the raggedy critters flew towards my town hall, without even reading it's message fully, I just looked at who it send, what GB and threw FP at it.

And what do you know? I already had a spot on the building to begin with. *waves profit goodbye* Some day I will get the hang of this forge point stuff, I hope. Hopefully sooner than later, otherwise I will find myself with no new blue prints to do arts and crafts with and zero forge points to throw anywhere. Maybe I should start practising my aim a bit as well. Last building I threw FP at I nearly took out some people...
Sad minion on a pouting spree.
So today is a very important day, my town is in chaos, everyone is running around in a panic. I have gotten my first official objective from the guild, this concerning my self in the recruiting position I find myself in. I have been tasked with finding a Sam, I thought ok, this is gonna be easy, go to global, type in Sam and find a bunch of players named Sam...apparently this was not what they meant. Apparently we need a martian, ET phone home kind of idea. Either way this minion got no idea.
Is there like a SAM rescue, where you can adopt one? If so what are the requirements? Enough daily exercise, a stable home, no criminal record? I am unsure... If someone could bring me into contact with said rescue, I'll be forever grateful. I wonder what it would be called... Ow or maybe like a dating website for SAM's! 'Looking for someone out of this world'.
Anyway if any SAM is feeling lonely, looking to be adopted, the Mighty Minions are on the look out for YOU. We offer all kinds of fun things (and for those that have watched the movie "The Minions" we will do our best to keep our SAM alive, we have learned from our previous mistakes, we promise!),

Now as for other news, we did really well on Battle grounds and are moving up another level, we came in first in GE. Well I helped, I'm not sure as an iron age starter out person that I can truly be counted in on the 'we' but I did finish fourth level. So on that point the Mighty Minions are doing really well. We just really would like someone from every age. Gotta catch em all sort of deal I think :).
Working on another Great Building, well actually 2 and not really great, more huge. Drooling over a future traz and a CdM. Yep starting to learn the abbreviations. Slowly but surely. Some of them still confuse and baffle me but nothing the internet and my guildies don't solve.

So in short doing well, Minion in search for a SAM, does not have to take on a stance on whether or not they like green eggs and ham.
It's a slow day in town today, things are just a going in a matter of speaking. Ordered some peeps around, found some freaky portal into Japan...let me just say it looks a whole lot different than one would expect it to be. Guess side working on my own problems now I've got them looking for help from me as well. I do hope they don't expect it in a timely matter. It seems like they got big plans, and that will need planning. For now so far so good. They haven't locked me up yet or tried to do other painful things to me so there is that.

The SAM dilemma is still going on, one advantage, I came into contact with some very friendly people, the disadvantage none of them have joined the guild just yet. Fingers crossed for now. Trading goes well, I should have no issues getting through GE with a nice combination of fighting and negotiating. 11 more encounters and I can come down from the freakishly hot volcano that I think at some point in time might have been used to sacrifice various and sundry enemies and just plain unlucky peeps. No one is talking about it but I'm almost sure I've seen scratch marks of people holding on for dear life. It must be a good way to keep people motivated to do their job.
The chat that I have found still baffles me, there always seem to be the same people around talking about confusing stuff and that's just the global chat. The neighbourhood chat....nothing...not a peep. I've tried drawing attention there but still, deadly silence. It's like a deserted island on a deserted planet in the middle of nowhere.
Seems like everyone is hard at work at their Great Buildings and all that, perhaps this minion is just missing something at the moment.

A bored minion watching the grass grow.
So, back again after a long silence, sorry about that. Not feeling too great today so bear with me when it comes to lousy spelling and a train of thought that might run off track (more than usual anyways).
Battlegrounds still isn't much of my strength, I literally can do one fight and then whatever peeps I send....they just kind of roll over and die. Some even skip on the rolling over part. But that's ok, I'll grab some more peeps off the streets of the Asylum and drag them off into the barracks to be shoved in some armour. I wonder if reusing armour will lower the supply costs....will have to look into that.
For the moment I'm a poor beggar looking for bronze age goods. Shouldn't have drank that last bottle of wine, then I could've used it for Battlegrounds. From most people I get to hear it's time to move on, it has no use to keep bronze age goods. And as that might all be good and true, right now I'm not moving anywhere and am in need of a rose wine, a stone to throw at my opponents, some dye for warpaint, some timber for a comfy chair and some marble for...well something....

Maybe it is time to move on to bigger and better things, now if only I would have an attention span of more than five seconds and manage to save up some stuff and doing the research then live should be easy enough. I think however that somewhere in my family tree there might be a goldfish, and yes I know some goldfish have proven to have a longer attention span than the 5 seconds but I'm sure there are also some out there that can't even make the 5 offence meant towards any gill breathing foe players.

A minion with a dilemma and a headache.
Feeling a little better today, ok it is still the same day but seeing as I got night shifts I just got up so 'good morning' to everyone :). I found a bit of strength in battlegrounds in communicating with the competition. It's amazing how far a little teamwork can go on that part of the game. And meeting new folks is always a good thing. Never know when we can help each other out again.

Trading as much as I can with whoever comes around, I'm like one of those annoying sales people that follows you around outside wanting you to listen to my awesome (not so much) opportunity that you just got to hear about and sign up for. Or maybe one of those telemarketers (not the illegal kind though, don't wanna get banned from the game lol). And let's be honest who wouldn't stop and listen if a yellow (or purple depending on the mood) minion shows up and starts up a conversation. Just don't get me started on bananas I'd much rather want a baple.
Now all they need to come up with is a big fluffy unicorn in the game and I would be perfectly happy, preferably one that produces fp and goods and takes up like 1x1...alright I'd be willing to do 1x2.

Well I shall go take my spot at town hall and deal with some small town squabbles about fallen trees on the roads and who is responsible for them. As long as they keep paying me I will be more than happy to let the mystery town wood chopper, personally I would think it would be more profitable to take one step outside of town into the forest and cut down some trees there but, ah yes, the peeps aren't allowed outside of town, maybe that has something to do with it. I don't trust them not to get involved with strangers offering weird stuff such as fruit (possibly poisoned), laundry (still don't get that one), wine (if any wine is produced I am to get it for my good stock and not somewhere in the middle of the forest) and then there's the risk to get mauled by a polar bear. I got enough trouble keeping peeps alive as is without that becoming a statistic I need to keep in account.
Tomorrow will be event log check day. I wonder how many of the 115 acquaintances will make the cut. I will keep you all informed.

Minion feeling better.
Well 91 is the number of survivors. Not too bad :) now I just got to get the money together to upgrade the table. Must be one amazing table that it costs 25000 bucks just to make it a little longer. I'm pretty sure I can do that for cheaper. And the money they want for the matching chairs! It is like the expansions story all over again. I already got 14 of the same chairs so they think they can just ask whatever they want for the other two coming up I am sure. If they keep this up I'm gonna make people sit on the floor and call it a fusion-sit-on-the-floor tavern or something, that seems to be a thing nowadays. Maybe I'll even be able to charge more for the 'special experience'. So that I can afford a tacky golden tray. I'd much rather have something more elegant but apparently that's what in when it comes to tavern trends nowadays. Enough complaining about that though.

I am confused. Why is there such a thing as neighbourhood chat if absolutely no one makes use of it? I've tried in 3 different neighbourhoods and nothing, not a word. Global chat doesn't seem to be my thing yet, most of the time I got no clue what they are talking about. Last time it was a discussion about someone being a cheat. Not sure on how that works in this game. Did someone commit to a guild yet was hanging around with another guild when the first guild wasn't looking?
As on other news, about meeting some really nice people in other guilds. Love a good alliance, especially when it works out as it is supposed to. Everyone gets something out of it unless you happen to be the common pita that needed dealing with but stuff happens. Hoping that Cirgard will end up with some of the same combo's again so we can collaborate more often. It'll be fun!

In need of forge points and very slow in managing to get them together. I want to start preparing on moving up an age but it is scary. I don't wanna be the one town. that dangles on the bottom of the social/attack/defence ladder. Got to make the jump some time though. Just need to find the time and the stuff for it. No matter how useless they are, I'm looking forward to the new horsey units. They might seem pretty useless in a fight but who doesn't love a ride through the forest on horseback. Found something new again in the forest. The biggest skeleton you have ever seen! I had it moved to the main hall of the town hall, looks pretty impressive. I wonder if it's a dragon or something. Are those still around? Were they ever? Maybe it's just a giant chicken skeleton... I'll need to do some research and find out.

Curious minion hoping she won't end up like the curious cat.
So this minion learned the hard way that other guilds don't always keep their word when it comes to making deals and treaties. We are in luck that in the Mighty Minions have very motivated and active players that don't let things like that just go by without retaliating. It was a beautifully devised strategy really. Now this is a one time incident though, beyond that we have had no trouble whatsoever with guilds, ok tiny squabble but that's about it. No we even made some really good friends and had some awesome collaborations during these so called battlegrounds. (Yet another volcano to sit on top of, least they could do was make it a nice beach or perhaps a snow topped mountain for a change) Can't wait to see who manages to endure the heat the longest this time around. Just a few more days. Now where be my fan-boys at, cause uff fanning is a necessity.

There's news on the new age development. managed to get the first fp in and working along to move up (yes I know I'm a procrastinator that has said that already) but this time it's serious. I promise lol, pinky promise and all that.

Ow and on a less happy and quite lucky occasion, a high level player dropped by our guild, sadly enough not to stay, but to leave. She left us some of her things before she moved on to different things in a thing called RL. I hope she/he/it finds what they are looking for, and who knows, maybe comes back? Side things coming back, the freaky lady hanging up laundry in the middle of the forest was back again. Again not a word, it's like talking in neighbourhood chat. Absolute deadly silence, disappears into thin air again, leaves behind 5 bars of iron, where did she put those things? Why is she even lugging them around while hanging laundry??!! Some day she's gonna come back and demand all her stuff back I'm sure of it.
They could make a movie out of that one. 'The Laundry Lady' now in theatres near you.

A slightly worried minion...
*busy putting a wooden sign up with a poster 'please no fly-posting'* Should've had some peep do it for me but one knows how the saying goes, get it done quicker when you do it yourself. Probably would have been another 24 hour production if I had asked anyone else.
So I've been to Japan, it isn't at all what one would think, very rocky, very....undeveloped. I thought that was where all the techy stuff came from but nothing...just one town hall and nothing else. So I spend all this time, days and days helping them out, giving them free goods and free stuffs and all I get out of it is a big patch of land with some temple on it...lvl 1 at that. So I was thinking I'd see if the viking town would be the same thing. Made a bit of a mistake there, pressed the wrong button and *poof* here I am, back in Japan. And guess what? All my help? Out the door, they pretend never to have seen me before and are begging for help....again. This is hopeless, but I guess I'll be a good little minion and help out a bit. At least this time I know what I have gotten myself into. I did warn them that they better not ship me off with another temple lvl 1 patch of land again. They seemed a bit taken back from that, guess they were intending to do that, but they promised me something better this time.

Ow and I saved a polar bear that was floating around in the water. Not sure yet what to do with him, a bit worried to set him loose in the forest or to keep him as a pet. He seems to have a taste for non vegetarian things. Maybe I can send him to Japan, they might be better suited to take care of a bear.

Battlegrounds was a grand success. Looking forward to what is next. Didn't get as far as I wanted within GE but at least I completely fought my way to where I got. Ok, I didn't do it, I send my peeps, but really they said they were happy to do it, at least the one...or two that returned after each battle. I must be very motivating to them, I'm sure the polar bear at my side had nothing to do with it. I'm thinking of calling him 'Snowflake'.

Greetings from Japan from Minion and Snowflake!
So I've done it, I have moved up in the world.. or at least in time. I am now officially a damsel in distress (those are from the middle ages right?)

Just had to share the selfie the moment after I did the first medieval research. Previous outfit I am not showing, I did not look good in that I am able to admit that now. So on other news I got an army-peep-factory now, in layman's terms; a traz. Big huge gigantic building I really didn't have a spot for but all the peeps in town seem to love it. Nothing like a big prison on a rock island in the middle of nowhere to make everyone smile right? Well everyone side anyone I lock up in there. Anyone that brings a goat to town will go there for parole. I wonder if they use the prisoners to turn those into soldier peeps. Oh well don't ask if you don't really want to know right? So onward to my next building of choice. I'm thinking of upgrading my residence. Trade in my town hall for something more appropriate, something castle-ish.
Ow as for the traz before I forget, huge humongous thanks to the super high space age peep that helped me out. He just kinda appeared to me floating on a little ufo thingy. Anyone that has seen megamind will know what I mean when I say 'space family member' :) If you haven't seen it, got to watch it some time. I still got to get to the era that'll allow me to research stuff to watch tv...I miss netflix... *sigh*
And on other good news, someone else is actually making use of neighbourhood chat, that only took a few neighbourhoods, and then to think that there is still only one. There's got to be more out there. So anyone reading this, do a shout out in your neighbourhood chat, you never know if you might find a new friend, trading buddy or maybe your next person for on your grudge list to attack every day of the foreseeable future.

Battlegrounds this time around is scary. I have tried contacting the two huge huge fighters that we seem to be squished in between but no messages back yet. I hope they'll have a bit of mercy on us. All we want is not end up all the way on the very very very bottom, other than that we really are not wishing for anything. If this is platinum then diamond is anther word for inner circle of hell *worries*.

Still working hard on all the research, and someone close to town seems to be building something huge, I don't remember giving permission for that. Once it's up I'll see if it is of use and otherwise I'm gonna slap my laws in his face, have him tear it down brick by brick under supervision of snowflake and throw him in my traz. Got to love a plan.

Happy minion says 'hi'.
So in the mean time we have gotten some new minions in our guild, we will see if they pass the minion test. We'll first have to develop the test though, what makes for a good minion... Food for thought one would say.

Battlegrounds was a small victory in the form of us not coming in very last, we shall not mention that the two in last really didn't do anything at all but that is side the point. I am happy to announce we are back to better things and back to gold. Gold is fancy enough for now. But thanks to all the guild power we got from battle grounds and guild expedition our little town hall now gives 3 forge points already! It's kinda like one of those gumball machines, push the button and there they are, ready to make some researchers happy or to be used as target practise at any great building.
I've now been playing for 67 days total, apparently that is enough to not be considered a new player anymore so I better start figuring stuff out quicker or else I might find myself in trouble. Although I trust snowflake to keep me safe. For now the polar bear at the gates seems to be a great thing when it comes to deter people from plundering my city. At this point I would not take an act of violence towards me personal anymore, although it might be personal for the person attacking. I have not exactly been going easy on my neighbourhood but uff the game needs a lot of supplies and goods. More than I can produce by my lonely... So yeah, been kinda taking it out on them.

I also found a fun way to spend some time on the February quest thing here on the forum, but with my luck I didn't get very far, at least I did not get picked sadly enough. And now they got this odd word association game which is not my thing. I threw in a post just for the very very off chance of getting picked but I am not holding my breath on that one. I mean first off what's the challenge in that 'game'? I know shrinks use word association during therapy...are they doing a secret group therapy session to see if there are players they need to worry about? I mean, I should know about that area *points at name tag and town name* I know I worry about some, just the names alone makes a person wonder. And I know the game didn't come up with some of the more...exotic names.

Now as for technical news, the amount of forge points that this era took for their research is painful...makes me worry about the next one. But for now I am happy to linger here for a while until I at least double my points. I wonder when we will get a new neighbourhood again. I like giving my forge points away to other people's great buildings but I've done that to almost 60% of the neighbourhood, looking for some new places to go, new cities and towns to see. Got some new additions to my friends list. One was kind of funny. Someone that actually got a bit upset with me and called me some bad bad names, I just send a polite message back and we got to talking, now that player is a good friend and we've helped each other out quite a bunch. So yeah, neighbourhood needs to communicate a bit more :) you never know what happens. I just wouldn't advise calling someone a *****, it might not work out as positive as it did in this case *lol*.

New GE has started up, I am taking it upon myself to try and guide one of the guilds newbies up the mountain. I already warned him there won't be snow, there will be lava. But he's used to poisonous snakes and hot hot hot surroundings so I think he will be just fine. Just got to work on his charitable personality and make sure he gets a bit of capitalist mentality in him when it comes to dealing with armies and forge points and such.

Alrighty, more news soon from the minion guild...and snowflake :)
So my minion newbie is doing great in GE, for those that have no clue what I mean by that, read my previous post lol. He's taking a liking to GE and doing really well there. So proud :).

As for other news, I'm working with some of the leaders of the guild to put up a guild-only event, something to force our players to interact a bit more with each other. Don't get me wrong we work awesome together and anyone will help out wherever they can be it by trades, forge points, spots on great buildings and you name it, but chatty might not be the term. Probably just because they are not that kind of people but who knows maybe we'll find some hidden gems in there. So still looking for new members as always so if you are up for a challenge love to win some interesting prizes and don't mind a little quest on the side that for once does not cost diamonds, goods or forge points come find us in Cirgard.

Now on a different event level, I do like the st Patrick day event, the only thing I don't like is that I am going to be just a few forge points short to get the last selection kit, that much of the math I have managed to do. I understand the game needs some real money to keep going but still I chose to keep the right to pout about it.

Have an nice day! From a Minion wearing green hat and snowflake wearing a green bow tie.
Alrighty, I don't think there is a single person on the planet that hasn't been confronted with the word Covid or Corona (pick your personal favourite) in their daily lives. Right now in my town I am applying the same rules as are in my country. No going outside unless you have to, no school, no hospital visits unless you are in a life or death situation. Hepa filters for everyone, to be gotten at the front gate for free just in case.
Now I have heard that in many other towns there is a serious shortage of goods...mostly paper...toilet paper at that. Over here I have to admit, it was a bit of a crisis. I went to the store, it was quiet, not a lot of people around. The shelves nicely stocked and just too much toilet paper to choose from. They even didn't just have it for sale, they had it on sale. Guess the supermarkets over here are keeping to their promises that they are stocked and ready to go. I'm sorry to see that others are not that lucky. But on another note (by the way trades are in market, 50 pieces of TP for 100 gold) what is it with people going crazy in these situations and the first thing they think of is toilet paper. Let's say there is an almost end of the world event...that toilet paper ain't going to last and you surely can't consider it as a healthy breakfast lunch or dinner. It seems like an odd priority to have but maybe that is just me. There is more than one way to keep things clean if you know what I mean....
Anyways life in the asylum is going as usual, a bit more quiet on the streets, a lot less traffic around but who can blame them. We did good in GE this time around another 1st on the wall, BG is a different matter, we came in third, we tried really hard not to do our best because we wanted to avoid going back to the shark infested waters of platinum league aaaannnd yep, we're right back in the next B-movie shark headlining movie. Oh well, we'll just 'be in it for the rewards' as some guilds would like to call it even if they seem quite pouty when a sector gets taken away from them.

One would think with all the having to stay indoors a minion would have more time to plot and plan when it comes to their town but I find myself not so much in that position. The endless changes of rules and regulations at work keep pouring in on a daily basis. It now can go both ways, either it will pass quietly or all hell will break out. In either case once the regulations and daily life goes back to normal, that's when things will really get chaotic. Everything that has been put on hold, postponed, moved and so forth will probably end up in a situation where it is squeezed into a very unrealistic time table, asking more of people than might be possible. Let us hope that when things return to normal, they will indeed return to normal and not into hyper drive. I am sorry for ranting about this but one has to rant about it somewhere I suppose.

Please everyone out there in FOE and beyond keep safe, keep sane and keep washing your hands (and don't worry about the antibacterial stuff, it's a virus...antibacterial ain't going to do diddly against that) soap, water and 20 seconds of your time thoroughly washing your hands makes a world of a difference!
If you need a place to be in quarantine, the asylum still has some padded rooms free for the occasion, good internet connection and netflix subscription too...and best of all unlimited toilet paper.

Mouth-masked minion and snowflake from quarantined Asylum.
Hey everyone in foe, I hope everyone is keeping safe and is washing their hands. The rules in my town have been severely tightened, social distancing is the thing. Everyone is preparing for the worst, for now it is staying pretty quiet. I hope it will stay that way, but if I see the numbers in Italy, I am fearing for it. I guess in the end we will prevail, humans in that way seem to be pretty resilient. We have survived some nasty stuff and with a bit of teamwork and looking out for each other I am sure we will get through this as well.

Currently I am finding contacts that are willing to part with LMA (late middle ages, for those people bad at me....I'm still looking up some stuff too when high players start throwing random letters at me). Found some friendly people in the process that will hopefully be able to accept my friends-request. I have gone over my friends list and removed those people no longer active. I do hope they are doing alright. And as always if anyone shows up and finds themselves with being removed from my list, feel free to send me a new request and I will accept it at all times. You can never have enough friends and/or contacts within the game. If only for a spot at their tavern and some coins when aiding them. Not even to get started on GB, trading, strategizing and helping each other out where possible. FOE might be a waiting game on some aspects but might as well make the waiting more fun with some people to hang around with.
Other than that not a whole lot of new stuff going on. Still hanging around EMA and quite happy to stay there for now and work on my GB levels and help out the guild wherever I can.