Legion of Warriors 1 are recruiting.


Hi folks.
The Legion of Warriors 1 is a guild focused heavily on high end Guild Expedition. We accept any player who wishes to be in a guild that takes it GE seriously. In saying that, our GvG is in its infancy and is not compulsory, so if you only wish to focus on GE this is the guild for you. We have forge point swap threads to help out with your GB’s and regular goods trading.
If you wish to join we’d ask if you:
• Have at least one Guild Goods GB in your city (Observatory, Atom or Arc)
• Commit to doing at least the first two levels of GE every week, but also answer a call to arms if we’re in a close race for first.
• Be friendly and encouraging towards your fellow members, we maintain a friendly and inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy and thrive in.

If your interested, please leave your details here or message me in game.
Username: CrazyMatt