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La Cosa Nostra is looking for players...and leaders!

ll Kasper ll

Hello fellow forgers!
My name is Kasper, and I'm the founder of the empire known as "La Cosa Nostra", which was founded in 2014 in Korch.
You may know us from our videos on YouTube.

Although my city in Tuulech was only supposed to be a video project, it has since flowered into a full-blown imperial expansion. So we've officially formed our 11th guild in our 8th world here in Tuulech, and are now recruiting publicly.
I'm currently acting as guild leader, but my duties with LCN as a whole are too extensive, and I can't reasonably expect to manage day-to-day affairs in Tuulech beyond the completion of my current video project. That said, I'm also looking for a future replacement guild leader, as well as "normal" members. I'm also a big fan of merging, so if you have an existing guild and you'd like to make it stronger, merging with us is a good option. You don't have to concede much of anything to merge with us.

Opportunities to advance and thrive within LCN are endless.
We are the proud creators of what is BY FAR the most advanced internal economy of any guild in any world on any server of FoE, and we make it our business to make our members wealthy. So if you want to enjoy freedom, equality, and an innovative atmosphere...come on down!

Contact me in game to apply.


Why only Korch ?

Worlds Arvahall thru Jaims must be burdened with billion point players waiting for something to happen.
Like new players learning to "Think and Grow Rich" with your tutelage.

New players have a lot of catching up to do on the old worlds.

It's all good
Pascal (Griefental)