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Knight of nations is recruits new members



Actively recruiting high quality GBG players!

If you're looking for a friendly active guild then look no further! (Please note that we are a non GvG guild)

What can we offer you as a guild member?

1. 6 FP from the town hall each day
2. Significantly reduced healing times for your Army
3. Significantly reduced costs for building population and production buildings
4. Resources to help you get an Arc
5. A 1.9 thread specifically to help raise it quickly.
6. A 1.8 thread for all other buildings to help you raise these quickly until you read level 80 with your Arc.
7. A very active 1.9 thread for players who already have a lvl 80 Arc.
8. Level 4 GE opened every week
9. A GE lottery where 3 winners will get free Forge Points.
10. A Monday Quiz where the best 4 answers will receive free Forge Points
11. A very active GbG team and GBG generals and play in the Platinum and Diamond leagues which have very good rewards.
12. Trades taken within the guild almost instantly
13. Play with very active members who are online everyday and have good banter.

Sounds good? Then keep reading!

To keep everything running smoothly we have some rules that we need you to understand and agree to before you join. These are…

1. Be active. With only around 30 players were one of the smallest “top” guilds. It’s a family feel and is all about Quality over Quantity. We don’t expect everyone to be online everyday but most of the people in the guild are pretty active and so we are looking to only add people that are quality players. If you only play the game a few times a week then this probably isn’t the right guild for you.
2. Donate to each other’s new buildings (The Mud thread) - at least 1FP to Great Buildings (GBs) in the mud; even if levelled we donate. This just helps newer players to get their buildings up and running quickly.
3. Complete a minimum of 16 encounters (level 1) in Guild Expedition each week and 40 fights or negotiations (4 a day) in GBG
4. Let us know if you have real life issues going on and can’t play. This is important for the guild as it effects our GBG and GE chances.
5. Do Fair Trades only; if not sure of the ratio we can help to understand it.
6. Respect everyone in the game - within the Guild and in Global Chat. Aggressive/Abusive messages to fellow players or ignoring messages from the guild leaders will result in being booted from the guild.
7. Remember this is just a game and should be fun!

If you’ve read this far and still want to join us, please apply to the guild and one of the leaders will message you.

What are you waiting for?! Lets do this!