King of the Village!

Billy the Fish

The ancient mariner's companion taps emmah on the shoulder, intoning in a deathly rasp "Come with me ..."
Surely you know you should never shoot an albatross!!!
As a result once again (certainly until you refrain from fundamental mythical errors) it looks like it's My Village.


I shoot an albatross too. However, when the ancient mariner's companion attempts to rasp in a deathly intone at me, he quickly decides that he is better off dead himself. Merciful, I appoint him as my personal fisherman instead. Guess who the first fish he caught turned out to be?

My village.

Billy the Fish

Suddenly a stream of unimaginably grotesque fluid squirts past the AK47 toting induhvidual, and carries the unwanted refuse out to sea.
The surrounding marine fauna look a bit confused (although, TBH, they always kinda look that way).
One prominent individual decides to re-hang a sign with an indecipherable squiggly piccy on it.
The long and the short of it ... it's once again MY Village


All of a sudden it starts raining soup and there is a soup flood. My village.