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Just talking

  • Thread starter DeletedUser113901
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So, the "what time is it" contest is no more. :(Consequently, some of us regulars out there are getting bored. So this thread will be the very same, but without the rewards and permanent. What's the topic you ask? Anything. Just talk. Post nice pictures of cats, ask questions about FoE, play minigames, share cake recipes or comment sport events, that's entirely up to you. Anyway I think you got it. Let's do this! :D


We tried this last week and got shut down within a couple of hours ::(
Oh. Ok. So now we can say farewell to @Ati2 :( I'll be on forum a few days probably then just login once a week to collect my points, without dropping anywhere else :( So will some others I guess :(But, what if we split topics? Like "just talking about XYZ"? That wouldn't be quite as good as WTII but... :( And I'm starting to use smileys as ponctuation:(I've lost my purpose :( And can you even call these smileys?
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I miss the chat, I mean the competition, thread too. If you make the topic of this ‘Missing chatting in the What Time Is It? thread’ and we only talk about missing it and what we would be chatting about if it was still running, maybe that will fit the rules?
Oh yes great idea!
When do we do it? :D
Edit: I suggest we try one last time with this thread then resort to your solution pr to splitted threads.
Reedit: can you make group conversations in here?
Rereedit: you can invite up to 3 participants.
Rerereedit: does it mean max 3 participants or max 4 participants or a single participant can invite 3? Worth a try anyway.
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