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June Forum Competition - Spot the Difference

  • Thread starter DeletedUser110603
  • Start date
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Can you spot the 5 differences in the photos below??
You can either upload an image that clearly shows your answers or describe the differences in a comment.

Entries close at midnight on June 14th 2020. After this time, two players with correct entries will be chosen at random to receive 500 diamonds each.

Incorrect entries will be disqualified. Any entry made after the close time will be removed. One entry per account.

Good Luck!



Foe2 - answers.jpg
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Deleted member 118885

Red-leaf instead of green
2 golden statues 1 golden statue
1 bird 2 birds
1 person white statues on the other 2 white statues
red top person at the different pose at the back

Is this in the right place
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five differences (all circled)
1. leaflet color difference,
2. thrower direction reverse,
3. number of bird near thrower,
4. shadow of one player missing,
5. 1 gold colored statue missing



1. Bunting at top left is green instead of red.
2. Player to the left of main group is flipped left>right.
3. There is an extra white bird (?marking) to the right of the white line on the pitch.
4. Player to the left of the red zone is missing a shadow.
5. There is a statue missing from the left-hand pillar in front of the temple.

Rye Bread

These are the 5 differences:

1) Statue on top of the left pillar (behind the goal post)

2) Player in red (the furthest left) facing opposite direction

3) Top corner of the picture - Colour Green Vs. Colour red

4)Far left in front of the white line - there is only 1 White Mark on the field in the first - there are 2 in the second

5)Player in white on the far right (centre field) - one has a shadow and other one is missing the shadow

Thank you :)

wish me luck :)


1) White bird missing on left of field
2) Player in red facing other way
3) Gold statue on top of column is missing
4) Player in white has no shadow
5) Flags (or bunting) in top left corner are different colours
The leaves in the top left hand corner are a different colour.
The left hand gold statue is missing from the Olympic treasury.
The player in white in the centre of pitch has no shadow.
The player in red with the ball is pointing in the opposite direction
There is an extra white bird on the left hand side of the pitch

BigDaddy O

1. colour of leaves in foreground on left hand side is red in #1 but green in #2
2. statue is present in #1 between goal posts but is missing in #2
3. quarterback is throwing to the right in #1 but is throwing to the left in #2
4. there are two birds behind the quaterback in #1 but only 1 bird in #2
5. the player in white in the middle has a shadow in #1 but no shadow in #2
image attached.
1. quarterback throwing the other way
2. shadow is missing from one player on the field
3. two birds instead of one
4. tree leaves are green instead of red
5. statue is missing


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